6 benefits of moving from California to Florida when starting a family

“Should I pack up and move from California to Florida with my family? Would you recommend Florida as a place to live?” Have you lately found yourself pondering such issues? Do you feel this way? It’s easy to see why the Sunshine State welcomes hordes of tourists every day. It’s a great place to call home because there is no state income tax, the sun shines almost every day, the people are interesting, and the food and entertainment options are plentiful. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why moving from California to Florida when starting a family is a good idea and an intelligent choice. We will also show you who can get you from California to Florida easily. All you need to do is keep reading.

You are already used to sunny weather

Moving to Florida means you’ll be able to take advantage of the state’s warm, sunny climate, as there are more than 200 sunny days per year. If you live somewhere near the beaches, this is the ideal weather. Seasons in Florida are generally mild and warm, despite the humid and hot summers. In the southern part of Florida, a sweater is about all the winter clothing you’ll ever need. The city of Miami is a prime example. Temperatures in the winter typically hover around the 80-degree mark. Peak summer temperatures average around 90 degrees. We noticed that singles love Miami and families are more inclined to suburbs near Miami.

Palms and the blue sky you can enjoy after moving from California to Florida when starting a family.
Your days on the Florida beaches can be amazing.

No state income tax here!

How about some tax breaks? Head out to Florida. In general, the costs here are lower than in California, which is certainly one of the reasons for moving from California to Florida when starting a family. A larger home is within your price range here. There is no state income tax in this state, making it one of the lucky few in the country. It’s true that you’ll still have to pay some state taxes, for example, property tax in Florida, but those costs will be lower than in the vast majority of other states. You’ll have more of your cash available for school for kids, fun, travel, and material possessions.

Florida has better beaches

In Florida, it really is all sunshine and palm trees. Just outside most people’s front doors are some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Clearwater Beach, Pensacola Beach, Panama City Public Beach, Grayton Beach, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Delray Beach, and St. George Island are just a few of Florida’s many famous and award-winning beaches. Sugar sand is perfect for sunbathing, but there are plenty of other things to do on a beach day, such as beach volleyball, fishing, and scenic runs. You will easily find all the amenities your kids can ever wish for. You can swim, kayak, or take a boat out on the water. Many of those beaches are also good for pet owners.

Housing is much more affordable in Florida

It’s possible to find very cheap dwellings in the state, depending on the location, so this is why many opt for moving from California to Florida when starting a family. Miami is obviously much pricier than some small suburbs in more rural areas.¬†¬†According to Realtor.com, the current median listing price of a home in Jacksonville is $279,000. The median listing price of a home in Tallahassee is about $249,900. Coastal cities like Miami and Destin have much higher housing costs as we already stated. Since Florida is a hotspot for people looking to relocate, you will see some bidding wars that are pushing up prices.

A person holding some dollar bills.
You will be able to get much more for the same amount of money. That is always good.

Florida is a great place for job seekers

GDP-wise, Florida ranks among the highest in the country. In fact, the state’s GDP is comparable to that of Mexico as a whole. A large economy requires a large number of workers, so it’s no surprise that employment opportunities abound. Transportation, clean technology, finance, IT, manufacturing, distribution, and travel and tourism are among the leading industries. To be fair, not all of the positions offer particularly high salaries. But with a degree or relevant work experience in a growing field, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a satisfying career in the Sunshine State. If you are moving here for a job, reach out to reliable experts to help you with all your moving needs.

You can vacation and entertain kids close by

Living in Florida would eliminate the need for future vacations. There are countless vacation and entertainment options within a day’s drive of your home thanks to the state’s abundance of beaches, theme parks, and attractions. There is no shortage of exciting places to see within your own state, from the quiet sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast to the thrills of Disney World. If you have toddlers you can visit Peppa Pig’s world as well. It’s near Miami and it is even bigger than the original one (in London).

universal studios card
This can be a fun place for a whole family.

Moving from California to Florida

We showed you the six benefits of this decision but we still need to talk a little bit about the relocation itself. If you are moving with your kids – chances are it will be challenging to do everything and still focus on your little ones. That’s why it’s crucial to find adequate help but luckily for you, losangelestransfer.com can help.

One thing we all know about

In case you’ve decided to call it quits after a long career, you’ll be happy to know that the state is among the best in the country for retirees. Retirement income is not subject to taxation in Florida. Furthermore, there are no taxes on the transfer of wealth upon death. Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Daytona Beach, Port St. Lucie Melbourne, Fort Myers, and Pensacola are just some of the eight cities in Florida that rank among the top 10 best places to retire. So after you are done raising your little ones, maybe you can stay here and happily retire?

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