Floridian’s guide to buying a luxury property in NYC

Life in Florida is exciting, luxurious, and special. Of course, Florida is the ultimate destination for people of all ages and for anyone who wants to make it happen. The only place, perhaps more exciting than Florida in every sense, is New York City. It is no coincidence that this is the most populated city in the US and probably in the world, and the most famous city. That is why it is very difficult to find a place in this big city, especially a place in the very center of events. The demand for apartments, especially luxurious ones in a good location, is constant. Buying a luxury property in NYC is a task you have to take seriously if you’re planning to move. If you are moving from Florida, your experience will be an advantage, because even in Florida there is always a higher demand for an apartment.

The differences that will attract us

At first glance, Florida’s big cities look just as attractive as the Big Apple. However, if we look in more detail, no city in the world is more attractive, so there are completely clear reasons why Floridians would move to New York. This magnificent city has rely on a low unemployment rate while the average salary is higher. The population of New York City, in general, is young which means a lot. It is the biggest center of culture, financial, and media center which is why many people flock there to find their place in the professional world, meet someone new, and have a good time. Life in this city is especially exciting if you can observe it from the right place and take advantage of all the luxuries you can afford. A good location means a lot, but in order to find it in this city, you’ll need a few tricks.

A street in NYC
Finding a place to stay will be a serious task.

Buying a luxury property in NYC

Luxury means a lot, so a luxurious apartment is one that is in a good location, perfectly equipped, and big enough to satisfy all your needs. Considering the population of New York, you can get the impression that something like this is hard to find. To make it easier for yourself, you should use a few tricks and fulfill a few conditions. Using them to find and buy a luxury property in NYC should be easy and with benhur.com moving from Florida and settling in should be even easier. Before you pack your bags find your dream place. All you need to do is:

  • Consider which part of the city suits you best
  • Find the best view
  • Be realistic about your budget

New York is divided into five boroughs

Each one is special in its own way and it has a unique vibe. When you want to buy a luxury property in NYC, it is good to know that you have options. You can choose between Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and, probably the most famous Manhattan. If you aspire to luxury, you will find it most easily in the city, in Manhattan. It is an urban core of the city which means that Manhattan is an economic, administrative, cultural, and historical center. In fact, this part of New York is actually the center of the world for business, media, entertainment, culture, fashion, and heaven for real estate investors. Searching for a property in this part of the city will cost you because this is among the most expensive areas in the world, but you will be able to find the luxurious one, that is for sure.

Manhattan island has the nicest places

Manhattan island is divided into five areas and surrounded by Hudson and East river. Neighborhoods do not have official boundaries and their names describe them in the best way possible. Each one will give you something special. Think carefully about what you want before you jump into buying a luxury property in NYC. Keep in mind that you will need the help of professionals. Real estate agents are the right address to contact, especially if you are looking for a specific place to live. A search engine like this is constantly changing and it’s very difficult to keep track of what’s available and at what price. With a little professional help, you will find the right luxury property in NYC.

Manhattan as one of he locations to consider when buying a luxury property in NYC
Some places are more attractive than others.

Allocate your money carefully when buying a luxury property in NYC

As someone who is planning to buy a luxury property in NYC, you already know that you are going to need decent money. However, buying real estate is not the only expense that will hit you. Therefore, try to plan your budget well in advance.

Calculator on the pile of money
Every dollar counts

You won’t just pay for the square footage

One of the specifics of every large and popular city is that, apart from the apartment, when buying, you pay for something else. A good location costs money, a nice view, a quiet neighborhood, and proximity to key points in the city also add to the price when buying an apartment. Note that these items will affect the price of the property. The more luxurious it is, the better these factors are, but the price is also higher.

Create your own little paradise

Renovation and furnishing of your newly purchased luxury property in NYC you have to take into account when planning costs. Depending on the style, quality, and quantity of furniture, it will also depend on how much money you will spend on furnishing the apartment. As far as renovations are concerned, try to hire the best craftsmen. It is important that every repair is done with quality

Your belongings should be in safe hands

It really matters to whom you entrust the moving of things from Florida and who will help you with immigration. Any loss or damage to furniture and belongings can cost you extra. For this reason, it is best to turn to experts nearby. Safe, local people will find the best way to deliver and unpack your belongings with all precautions. Consider hiring a mover as a mandatory expense when planning your budget.

Final words

Buying a luxury property in NYC and moving to Florida is going to be a real adventure. From finding the best place, moving, furnishing the apartment to getting to know this great city, this is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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