How to declutter your vacation house in Florida?

If you think about it, it is easy to see the amount of stuff we accumulate over the years. We tend to keep them and care for them although we really do not use them at all. In doing so, we make our homes, vacation houses, garages cluttered and messy. In simple terms we tend to be surrounded by junk we don’t need and that makes our life seem out of control. If we don’t get our clutter in control, it can soon take over our life. So, purging our living space once in a while can be beneficial both to our home and to our sense of control. Also, it is very useful when the time comes for you to move into a smaller home. But how to get around and declutter your home and how to declutter your vacation house?

What is clutter and how to declutter?

Clutter is defined as anything you have and keep that doesn’t add any value to your life. Clutter takes up space and, in extreme cases, can make it hard to find things or even function. To avoid such scenarios, it is important to periodically declutter any living space you might use. Decluttering is getting rid of the stuff you don’t need to make room for things that matter.

Cluttered items in a garage sale.
We all accumulate stuff and create clutter. It is important to declutter from time to time.

Decluttering once or twice a year is advisable and decluttering before a move is a must. Only after that should you contact reputable movers like those at and proceed with the relocation process. Basically, decluttering consists of three major steps and stages that you must go through.

  • Categorize your belongings
  • Get rid of the surplus
  • Pack and store


In this stage, it is important to sort out and categorize your belongings. Sorting means to define what you will keep and what you will throw away and get rid of. Usually, if you do not use your belongings for over a year, then you don’t need them. So bear this in mind while handling this task.

Getting rid of the clutter

The easiest way to do this is to throw everything away. But, sorting out some of this stuff is also important. Some of the things you do not need might be needed by others. In that case, consult local shelters and other aid facilities and donate stuff they can use. On the other hand, some of the stuff can be sold. Organizing a garage sale or selling items online can prove to be lucrative and it may bring some cash.

A person exploring the books on a sale.
Get rid of your clutter through online or garage sales.

Packing and storing

The things you decide to keep can also be sorted into two groups. The first one should contain the items you use on a daily basis. The second group should include the items you use seasonally, for example, and these can be put in storage. Finding storage today is easy. Looking online or checking with local movers is the easy way to find and rent affordable storage unit in FL.

If you are using a storage unit it is important to protect your belongings and keep them safe. This means to gather and prepare packing supplies to put those items in storage. Good preparation and packing will enable you to protect your cherished belongings and keep them safe in storage.

Storage facility you can use for your items when you decide to declutter your vacation house.
Using storage facilities is an easy way of keeping things organized and safe.

If you declutter your vacation house, you will experience multiple benefits. It can give you a sense of order and accomplishment. The process will free up your space and help you asses what is important. Also, it will add to the value of your life. Remember that decluttering is not a one-time activity. You should repeat the process from time to time. But if you get organized and focused on being rational with what you buy and how you use it, the decluttering process will be easier.

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