How to find a good storage unit for your office inventory in Florida

If you are looking to find a good storage unit for your office inventory in Florida we have some tips that can help you out. Before we start talking about ways of finding good storage units we should cover what kind of units are out there and we should see which one you need. It’s important to be well informed before making any decision. Surely you want all your office items and inventory to be safe and sound. Don’t worry they will be as long as you do some research and choose the best unit for you. Also, it’s important that storage is somewhere near your office, shop, or any other workplace depending on the line of work you are in. You surely want your belongings to be near you so you can hop on and get whatever you might need. All those factors are important. So, let’s start with the basic knowledge you should have on storage.

Storage units 101

There are seven types of self-storage available in Florida :

  1. Military Storage
  2. Student Storage
  3. Climate-controlled Storage
  4. Business Storage
  5. Drive-up Storage
  6. Vehicle Storage
  7. 24 hour Storage

As you can see all of those storage units have different purposes. Only two types will work for you in this case. Business storage and climate-controlled (sometimes you will see it under temperature-controlled storage) will work best for your office inventory in Florida. Luckily both of those storages are widely available and it’s not so hard to find them.

The interior of storage in Florida.
You can see here all types of storage available nowadays in Florida and you can take your pick.

Temperature-controlled storage and the perks of it for your office inventory

The name is pretty self-explanatory. They control the temperature inside the unit keeping it at the optimum level. This way they avoid any risk of mold and mildew (which is a common occurrence in regular storage especially in Florida where the air is pretty humid). Also, this is the best way to store your electronics since they can’t handle too low temperatures. Make sure to research this kind of storage well. When it comes to the prices of storage you will get a storage quote. It’s important to have all the information regarding the pricing before making a decision.

Ways of finding a good storage unit for your office inventory in Florida

Luckily Google knows everything so just type your keywords like “unit for office inventory in Florida” and you will get plenty of hits. Make sure to turn on your location so Google can be even more precise. There are moving apps that can help you with this task but there is a third way that is usually the easiest for finding an appropriate storage unit for your office inventory. We are talking about hiring professionals like

The research

After you find the storage online you need to research it thoroughly before trusting them with your office inventory. Those items are valuable to you and you need to make sure that they are safe. The first thing you should do is check their website and see what they are offering and get to know the company a bit better. Read the reviews but not only on their website. Go check out Yelp and Google too. It’s important to read other people’s experiences. That will give you the best insight into one company about their work and how are they dealing with customers. Read all the reviews. Good and bad. That will make the decision-making process much easier.

typewriter and the word review
Don’t skip the reviews, they are your allies.

Leave the review

Reading the reviews other people and companies left will help you to find a good storage unit for your office inventory. That’s why you should do the same. After you use the services of certain movers and use their storage you should leave your own review. You will be helping others by doing that. Just like they helped you when you were doing your own research.

Preparing your office inventory for storage

  • step number one – prepare an inventory log, you need to have a list virtual or on paper with everything written down because it’s easy to lose track of some office items
  • step number two – group all items you can do it by type, location, or any other system that works for you it’s just important to have some order
  • your third step is to do an item count (surely you understand the reason for this step)
  • your fourth step will be packing and this is a whole another matter that needs special attention
  • before we start talking about your fourth step, know that your fifth step is downloading a few packing apps and trying them
A modern office space without unnecessary items you can get once you find a good storage unit for office inventory in Florida.
If you find this to be too hard there are people who can help you, read on to find out who.

Professionals can help you to find a good storage unit for your office inventory in Florida, but they can do a lot more

Hiring professional movers is the best move you can make when it comes to preparing your office inventory, packing, and storing it. Your office inventory surely is very valuable and you want it to be safe and sound. Movers can make that happen. Also, they can prepare and pack everything in no time. If you tell them they will bring their own packing material so this can be a completely hassle-free project for you. All you need to do is pick up the phone and explain to them exactly what you need and when. Whether you are relocating all your office items or just moving some to a secure storage unit this is the safest and easiest option for you. Finding good movers is not very hard. There are plenty of them in Florida. We showed you our recommendation, and surely you will do some research on your own and decide for yourself what will work best for your office. Good luck!

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