How to simplify a move from coast to coast

A move from coast to coast is a very common occurrence. The most common coast-to-coast relocation these last few years has been from California to Florida. You might think that these are senior relocations, but in reality, more and more young professionals with their families are going there as well. After that we have California to New York and otherwise. Especially LA to NYC or the other way round. Since relocations like the ones we mentioned can be very complicated we have prepared for you a guide. Read on to see how you can simplify your upcoming relocation. Also, who can help you along the way since getting adequate help usually is the most important part. There is no reason to do everything on your own. Not when we can help!

Time is of the essence

In an ideal world, you will know a few months ahead before relocation occurs. That will give you enough (and more than enough) time to prepare. You can start thinking about your upcoming relocation and do everything slowly. If you don’t have that luxury you can get help from your own phone. Yes, your smartphone can help you a great deal in your upcoming move. If you check out the app store you will see a lot of moving apps available now. Most of them are free to use so download them and you will see just how helpful they can be.

A clock
If you have enough time to prepare you are in luck!

How to simplify packing?

Your move from coast to coast will start with you packing all your household items or by calling professionals like to help you with it. If you plan to pack on your own we will show you some packing tips but before we do that we need to mention something that can simplify packing a lot no matter if you are doing everything on your own or hiring experts to do it for you. We are talking about decluttering your household. Like a spring cleaning but you should do it before packing. That way you will get rid of all unnecessary items you probably have. Fewer items to pack! That makes the job of moving from coast to coast much easier.

Prepare for your new coast

While you are packing, when relaxing and taking some time off do some research. For example, if you are moving from California to Florida, do some research on Florida. The more you know about your new state the easier it will be for you once you arrive. That is also a way to simplify a part of your relocation process. Luckily nowadays you can get so much information just by scrolling Google’s search when you type down “things I should know before moving to Florida”.

A woman researching tips on moving from coast to coast using Google
Luckily nowadays you can find out just about anything you can think of.

Packing tips

Now let’s get back on packing and ways to simplify this part of your relocation. Here we have some tips prepared for you so check them out :

  • gather all packing materials you already have in your home and then you can go shopping for some more
  • bubble wrap and packing paper are very useful and they can protect all your fragile items
  • instead of regular moving boxes think about renting plastic bins
  • pack by room, that makes unpacking easier
  • also, label all moving boxes so you will know which box contain which items
  • start packing from the smallest and most fragile items and then get to bigger ones
  • consider using vacuum bags for your clothes to save some space

The only way for you to move from coast to coast hassle-free

Yes, there is such thing as coast-to-coast hassle-free relocation. It’s not easy, but with years of experience and of course good equipment it is possible. Yes, we are talking about professional movers. If you work with people you can trust the job can be done quickly and hassle-free (for you). They can deal with logistics, transportation, heavy lifting, and everything else you might need. Movers can do a lot for you and your family. From the very beginning (packing) till the very end (unpacking and settling in).

professional movers handling your household items
Movers can help you a lot and they can be there from the very beginning of your upcoming journey.

How to ease the stress

It’s ok if you are feeling a bit stressed out even older people feel this way when they are relocating. This is a big change and you have a lot of things to do. Chances are you are tired too. Many people find relocations to be stressful. But you should try to relax. Getting enough sleep will help. Some people find meditation to be helpful too. There are also some apps that can help you with relaxing, sleeping, and meditating. Also, you should know that sometimes people feel homesick when they relocate even if they were looking forward to the relocation. That’s also quite normal and we will now show you how to deal with that as well.

Settling in

This is the last thing you need to do and you shouldn’t prolong it. Start unpacking as soon as you possibly can. Unpacking will be easier if you have done all the steps we mentioned earlier in the text. If you are simply way too tired from moving to unpack you can hire movers to help you. But it should be done as soon as possible so you can start your new life. You will be able to decorate your new home and that will make you feel much better and less homesick. Also, you will be able to start meeting your new neighbors and having them over. That will also make you feel less homesick and you can’t do that with all those ugly moving boxes just laying around everywhere half full. Hopefully, your relocation from coast to coast will be much easier if you apply all the tips we just gave you. Good luck!

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