Is life in Florida as affordable as it used to be?

It goes without saying that many people want to move to Florida in some part of their life. Younger people move there in search of fun and, of course, in search of job possibilities. Family people move there because of affordable housing and good schools. And, you already know why seniors move there – for beach houses, nice weather, good health care system, and for a little peace and quiet. Yes, living in Florida sounds wonderful. But is Florida an affordable place to call home? Well, if you want to know is life in Florida as affordable as it used to be, and some general facts about the cost of living in Florida, keep on reading.

Housing Costs

Of course, if you want to start your life in Florida, you must find movers like and relocate there. But, before you do that, you must find a home to live in. So, what about housing prices? Well, unfortunately, they are higher than before. For instance, if you want to buy a home in Miami, you would need around $317,273. But, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can check out some of Florida’s cheaper cities like Jacksonville, where a median home value is around $186,519. So, yes, when it comes to housing prices, life in Florida is more expensive. But, do not worry, salaries are also higher! 

Money and a household drawing.
Life in Florida is expensive! But, a higher cost of living means a higher standard too!

Cost of Utilities and Other Everyday Stuff

And, of course, besides housing costs, you must also worry about paying for the utilities, food, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses (eating out, health care, education, etc). Those things too are more expensive than they used to be. However, when you compare them to other states, well, they are around the national average. Getting used to these prices will not be hard. And, if you want to get some tips for settling down here, one of them is to always have some savings. You will need it for starting your life in Florida. 

Scales made with a sppon, a calculator, a pile of coins and a potato symbolizing your try to calculate and consider the life in Florida.
Before you move to Florida, make sure you calculate the costs and see whether you can afford to live there.

Taxes – They Will Make Your Life in Florida Easier!

And, finally, some great news that will help you make it in Florida! When it comes to life in Florida, it is a tax-free one! That is, in Florida, you do not have to pay for state income tax. Yes, there are other taxes that must be paid, for instance – a property tax or sales tax. But, all those existing taxes are relatively low. So, if you decide to move to Florida, be sure that you will not spend as much money as you used to on your taxes, as here, they are bellow the national average.

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