Is moving to Miami after college the right decision for you?

Starting a new chapter should be epic. Many college grads feel excited but also confused with all the changes that are happening. There are many decisions you should make on your own, and really become independent. But, what’s the best place to do that? Many graduates choose Miami as their new home, and there are many reasons for it. However, is moving to Miami after college a good choice for you? Let’s go through some main characteristics of life in Miami, so you can decide if this should be your new home.

The Miami vibe

Something that’s attractive for all millennials is the vibrant vibe of Miami. Basically, you can have fun at any time of the day you want. Day and night parties, cocktail bars, and other hot places create a unique atmosphere perfect for young people like grads. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your social life and have some fun after studying – Miami is a good choice for you. You can easily settle down after a long move with the help of a reliable professional, and immediately start exploring the city.

Top-quality beaches you can enjoy after moving to Miami

Probably the most obvious reason why people move to the area is the paradise you can find in Miami. Why don’t you start your career in one of the most beautiful and most popular places in the country? Avoid winter and enjoy the neverending sun in one of the most beautiful beaches in the US.  Life in places like this is less stressful and definitely more active and exciting!

Miami is eco-friendly

Young people nowadays are used to common environmental problems such as climate change and global warming. That’s why they’re picking the places that care about nature and provide environmental activism. Miami is one of those places, where people don’t litter, recycle the trash and sort it in a couple of categories. Therefore, if protecting the planet is what matters to you, you should consider moving to Miami after college.

Miami Beach
It’s surely one of the most beautiful places in the country, but is moving to Miami after college a good idea?

Food is amazing

Living in Miami would mean trying out new food almost every time you go out. There are many restaurants that offer delicious food at the most different price ranges. Being a cultural melting pot, it’s no wonder you can find any international restaurants in Miami, with Latin American food being the most popular. Being a foodie or looking for a job as a chef – Miami would be a perfect new home.

Cost of living

Probably one of the biggest issues for the college grads is finding a job and cover al the living costs on your own. You should know that living costs are slowly rising in Miami. You would need about $1000 for monthly expenses, without rent. When it comes to renting a home in Miami, you’d have to pay between $1,700 and $2,200, depending on the size and the location of the apartment.


Another important aspect of relocating is certainly the job market. The unemployment rate in Miami is around the national average, and you can find jobs in various industries. Aside from tourism, there are finance, fashion, and international trade industries that offer many jobs.

How to move to Miami after you finish college?

At the time where everything seems confusing, your relocation should be clear and simple. Here are some main tips to help you move after college and start your new home in Miami.

You’re in charge now

Becoming fully independent is reality after finishing college. The first step is relocation to the new home and adapting to the new surroundings. Accept the fact that you’re now in charge, and start planning your move right away. We advise making checklists of tasks you need to finish, to help you start organized and not forget anything.

A person planning a move to Miami after finishing college
Don’t worry – with a proper plan and reliable plan, you’ll move in a few easy steps.

Get some help

Moving pros have all the skills and experience with relocations, whereas you probably don’t. That’s why you should visit, and contact a reliable moving team to help you relocate to Miami. This will surely reduce the stress that comes with relocations, and give you more time to handle other tasks related to leaving college and arriving in Miami.

Pack for the move

Packing for moving to Miami after college is probably the mode time-consuming task in the whole process. It’s necessary to take time and pack the items safely, so they don’t break during transport. We recommend decluttering first – get rid of everything you don’t need or use. Furthermore, it’s probably the best to give away your plants if you have any – they are very difficult to move, especially long-distance. And finally, don’t forget to label your boxes properly, to organize them easily after you move in. Unpacking will be much faster when you know what’s inside each box!

A man carrying boxes while moving to Miami after college
Packing safely will reduce the risk of losing or damaging some of the items.

Bonus tip: If you have some items you can’t keep in the apartment, consider taking a storage unit in Miami. This way your belongings will be safe until you need them.

Get to know your neighborhood before you arrive

Finally, very useful to do some research on the neighborhood in Miami where you found an apartment. Knowing where the nearest pharmacy, grocery store or a restaurant is will surely save time after you arrive and need something immediately. Also, find some Miami food deliveries contacts if you don’t feel like cooking or going out right after you arrive. And once you’re all set, start exploring the city for some new adventures. Moving to Miami after college is the time to meet new people, have fun, and grow your career. Have a safe move!

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