Long distance moves in Florida explained

Do you need to research long distance moves in Florida because you are moving soon? If you don’t understand the moving process well or you need to prepare properly, then we are here to help you. Long-distance relocations are complexed and they take a lot of time (and money too).

Preparing for long distance moves in Florida.
Plan your FL relocation in advance

What to know about long distance moves in Florida?

Moving is not a joke, even if you are moving locally in Florida. When moving more than 1000 miles, you need to be organized and to plan every step in advance. It is not the best time to test your DIY skills, especially if you don’t have any experience with moving and if it is your first relocation. For example, if you are moving from NYC to Miami, you will need to drive about 1,300 miles (about 2 days driving plus keep in mind that you need to sleep and rest). Here are some essential steps to take when moving long-distance.

  • Start with preparation on time – create a moving checklist and a timeframe, sort tasks, etc. Before you start working, make a plan.
  • Get an in-home moving estimate – at least 3 estimates to get the most accurate price for your long distance moves in Florida.
  • Hire a moving companyrelocating with your family to another city requires professional help. Research long-distance moving companies in Florida and hire the best one.
  • Declutter before packing – sort and purge the items you want to move and want to toss. Fewer items you will move, less you will pay. Keep in mind that the weather will be probably different, so you don’t need all your clothing.
  • Don’t pack forbidden items for moving – you cannot move everything you want when moving long-distance, such as hazardous items, flammable materials, perishable food, etc.
  • Packing special items – packing and transporting specialty items with some assistance is essential when moving long-distance. You can’t be able to do it by yourself.
  • Pack essential moving boxes – it is a box that you will need during traveling and a few days after moving. Especially if you are moving with kids.

Costs of a long-distance relocation

Moving from Florida or to Florida is not cheap. Money is one of the major factors and concerns, so what affects moving expenses?

  • Paying for gas (if you will drive to your new home) or tickets for a plane or train. Travel fees are not small, especially if you are moving with the entire family.
  • Size and weight of your move.
  • Distance between your new and old home. For example, moving from New Hampshire to Florida will be more expensive than moving locally in Florida.
  • If your new home is not finished or you didn’t rent it yet, you will need to rent a temporary storage unit.
  • Paying for packing services. Even if you will pack without professionals, you will need to purchase packing supplies.
Packing boxes for long distance moves in Florida.
Pack and label your boxes

Long distance moves in Florida require preparation, organization, and help. A lot of people are moving to Florida, people with kids, seniors, young professionals, college students, etc. Good luck with the relocation.

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