Miami family’s guide to Chicago

Moving from The Sunshine State to the Windy City normally wouldn’t be a big issue. However, when moving with your kids and your entire family the situation drastically changes. When kids are involved in a relocation the moving game drastically changes for the parents. Children are fragile and disrupting their home with a move can seriously challenge their well-being. So, our guide to Chicago will help you relocate your kids with minimal stress on your and their end.

Moving Guide to Chicago for parents

When you are moving with kids you are upping the ante. Moving to a big city is rarely simple. When you add your kiddos to the equation your stress level will most likely be through the roof. Here is what you can do to ease the pressure that a move makes on your family.

A happy family, settling in Chicago after following our guide to Chicago.
No matter how old your kids might be, a relocation can often be a bitter pill to swallow.

Communicate with your kids

Don’t wait for the last minute to tell your family you will be uprooting their life and relocating them to Chicago. The move on its own will be enough of a core shaker. There is no need to shock your children with such news just a little while before your moving day. Give them time to process the change and don’t expect a positive reaction right away. If their initial response is negative from the jump, give them a few days and once again revisit the conversation.

Include them in the process as much as you can

Now that your family knows they will be moving, make sure everybody feels like their opinion matters. Of course, you cannot include your youngest in all the moving tasks. But, when you can make sure they are included. For instance, take them with you when you go house hunting. This way they will feel like they are included in the process. Then the feeling that their opinion matters will tag along.

A good and solid routine is key  

Kids strive when they have a structure in their life. That is why breaking their Miami routine might not be the best scenario. However, since your move is inevitable, start your new Chicago routine ASAP. One of the things you should unpack first is your kids’ room.  Make sure they are comfy in their new home from the start, so they can start their new routine right away. This is a great way of making sure they start their acclimation on the right note.

A pretty girls room with plenty of colorful details.
When decorating your kids’ room ask them would they like to decorate it with you. If not make it similar to their previous room so they can have a sense of security and familiarness.

Professional movers can be a great asset

By now it is certainly clear that during your move your family is your number one priority. Still, your move cannot happen if you don’t complete all your moving tasks. Well, you are in luck! Since most moving companies offer a large variety of moving services, you will have nothing to worry about. You should explore a variety of helpful options that they can offer you for your moving day.

Be their rock always, but especially during your move

You might need a guide to Chicago when moving, but all your family needs is you. You will be their shoulder to cry on and their rock. Such a drastic change of scenery very often results in many ups and downs. As a parent, you must make sure that your kids never see you down. Don’t get distracted during the hustle and bustle of your move and make sure your family is always your number one concern. Happy Chicago moving!

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