Moving from New Hampshire to Florida after retirement: packing guide

You have been working hard all your life, and now finally you don’t have to wake up and rush to work. Yes, the day of your retirement came, and you have all the time just for yourself. If you are currently living in New Hampshire, you know that this state is great. But what if you have a chance to change it for something completely different like Florida? If you like the idea, you should well prepare. See our little packing guide on moving from New Hampshire to Florida after retirement, and be fully prepared on time.

The organization is the key

The packing process is exhausting. And, most of the time it looks like a real mess. Which it can really be unless you deal with some in-advance planning. Make a little tour through your home. Try to find the best possible strategy that will ensure quick and effective packing. One way is to create a room-by-room packing checklist. First of all, it will help you figure out what exactly you possess and maybe discover some long gone items. Then, once when you have everything written down, you can organize your belongings and pack them in the most economic way. This kind of planned pre-packing activity helps not only easier moving preparations but faster unpacking too. However, one thing is for sure- this will take quite a time. Thus you should start right away and be diligent.

A person is holding a pen on a notebook while making a detailed plan when moving from New Hampshire to Florida after retirement.
Make sure you know exactly what is your next step.

Decluttering- a great idea when moving from New Hampshire to Florida after retirement

Well, now that you have a list of your inventory, it is time to decide whether or not you’ll need all of them in your new home in Florida. Like it is usually the case, you must have stored different things throughout the years. Some of them you’ve used once, or never in your lifetime, some have permanently lost their function, and some of them you have forgotten about long ago. Well, a new home is a new beginning, so let’s not start it with the mess.

Bring only what is worth packing. Do the decluttering, and think about making your new Florida home cozy and organized. Maybe this is a great moment to finally get rid of that old vase or to throw away the worn-out shoes. However, what you should really keep are some objects of special sentimental value. Those are your memories, and they should help you remember all the beautiful moments you’ve had.

Decluttering is definitely something you need to finish first. Thus, when you make your final decisions, you can check out, and get yourself all the relocation services that you may need.

The packing itself

When the time of the packing comes, there are several things you need to take care of:

  • buying the adequate moving boxes,
  • getting bubble wraps, and a lot of packing paper,
  • buying tapes, labels, and markers
  • getting some help
Cardboard boxes in the kitchen.
Pack your things carefully and label the boxes.

The best way of starting the packing process is cleaning. Yes, the relocation is already tiring enough, and it may seem like this cleaning stuff would be simply too much at that point. But, when you are already moving everything around, it would be smart to kill two birds with one stone. Plus, if you do it now, you will not have to do it once when you settle down in your new home.

Then, start with sorting things. Make sure you get enough sturdy boxes of different sizes. Boxes should not be too small, but not too big either, due to the possible issues while transportation. All the items should be carefully wrapped before they are placed in the box. And, don’t forget to add some extra paper and wraps in the box too, just to protect your belongings from bumping. This is especially important when it comes to fragile items and things that have sentimental value.

And, at last, there comes the final touch- labeling the moving boxes. This part comes as another additional bother, but it means a lot when the unpacking moment comes since you will know exactly which items are packed in which box. And one more time, a planned and organized packing leads to easier unpacking later on.

Getting the professional help

For such a big relocation attempt like going from New Hampshire to Florida after retirement, you will definitely need a lot of help. That’s why it would be nice to include some of your friends and family members in the whole process. Talk to them about your plans. Maybe they can help with the organization matters, too.
However, here again, there is one more option- hiring professional help. Professional packers are the best choice when it comes to interstate moves. They do the work quickly and effectively, and, most importantly, with their help by your side, you can be sure your fragile items will be packed the best way possible. On the other hand, when it comes to organizing the state-to-state transportation of your belongings, well, you should definitely leave it to specialists. This is the point where experience and professional skills play a crucial part.
Two women are packing things.
Working with friends can be fun.

Think about finding a storage unit

If during the packing process you figure out there will be not enough space for everything in your new Floridian home, that’s the perfect moment to think about finding a storage unit. Here are some suggestions on what you can do:

  • store some bulky furniture items you do not want to give away but that you do not use anymore either,
  • pack and put away some seasonal clothes, and avoid a mess in your closets,
  • use your storage unit for your children’s toys, and make some more room in your new home.

Moving from New Hampshire to Florida after retirement is a huge decision. It may seem like too much work to do at the beginning, but with these smart tips, you’ll make it perfectly well.

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