Moving to NYC with toddlers: things you should not bring

Moving to NYC is exciting! Whatever the reason behind it might be, New York City is one of the greatest places to live. The city that never sleeps is a perfect student, young people, families, or people looking for different job opportunities. There’s so much more to this city than the typical tourist destinations or neighborhoods that are famous for many different reasons.

Moving to NYC

Even though it may be small geographically, NYC is a big city. It has so many things to offer. From greatest education and business opportunities to rich culture and arts scene. The fact of how diverse NYC is when it comes to pretty much everything is another plus! The people, the culture, the food, the nightlife – the Big Apple probably has it all. You’ll be able to meet new people and create new memories.

Moving to NYC with toddlers

Toddlers are very easy to cooperate and move since they don’t really understand or honestly care about what exactly is happening. However, you should still make an effort and explain so they can feel included.  One of the greatest benefits is that younger kids usually don’t really have a problem changing the environment as long as they have their parents close by. You should take time to explain the reason why you are packing and moving. Another great idea is to, if you have a chance, take your toddlers to visit the new neighborhood. They might get a chance to meet new friends. This could make the entire relocation even more exciting for them.

man carrying a toddler and kissing him o the cheek
Toddlers are very easy at handling the move. As long as they are with their parents nothing else matters to them.

Preparing for the move to NYC – what to bring

Whether you are moving to a different city or country the process is equally time-consuming and hard. Especially if you have a young toddler running around. When it comes to things you should bring for your toddler it’s very simple:

  • Bed or cradle – if you already have a bed or cradle in good condition, there is no need to get a new one. Just make sure to pack this one well so it doesn’t get damaged during transport.
  • Blankets and bedding – just like the cradle, if in good shape why leave it behind? Especially if your toddler likes the blanket which usually is the case.
  • Toys – if you have a toddler then we are sure you know how important this one is. They are very attached to their toys so you should make sure to bring as much as you can.
  • Clothes – this one is rather obvious. Your toddler needs clothes. Make sure to pack them in the vacuum bag so they don’t take up to much space. If you need help with packing you can always lean on professionals to help you out.

Things NOT to bring

  • Food – besides snacks in your bag or food your toddler will have as a meal during the move, any other food should be left out. There is no need to bring it as this is something you can get at any store nearby.
  • Cosmetics – of course, if you have something that’s unopened or have enough space for it you can bring it with you. However, just like food, this one is something you can get at any convenience store close by so leaving out cosmetics is something to reconsider when downsizing.
  • Old clothes and shoes – in case you still have clothes or shoes your toddler has outgrown you can always gift them to someone else. There is no need for you to hold on to these items unless you are expecting another child soon.
  • Old bottles – if you are transitioning from bottles to sippy cups or straw cups, then you really do not have to bring old bottles with you. Just bring the cups you are already using and leave the old ones as a goodbye.
toddler sitting on blanket with toys
Even though your toddler might have plenty of toys you do not have to bring them all.

Packing and transport

When it comes to packing and transport, this one is the hardest part. Our suggestion is that you pack your toddler’s room last and unpacking first thing when you move into your new place. Another good piece of advice is to, if you find time, wash the bedding using a fabric softener you always use. This way your toddler will feel somewhat safe and have an easier time adjusting to the change. Also, when packing, make sure to use top-quality boxes and plastic bins. This is crucial in order to protect the items from damage during transport. Don’t forget to label them as this will make unpacking so much easier once you move in.

Hiring professional movers

Hiring professional assistance when moving, especially with toddlers could be a good idea. Your hands are already full with planning, organizing, and taking care of your child or children. Moving to NYC is a big event and you could use as much help as you can get. This is why you should think about seeking professional assistance. Lucky for you, there are plenty of reliable moving companies like U. Santini Moving and Storage who can help you with this endeavor.

movers loading a moving truck
Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance when moving, especially with a toddler. They can help you out and make this endeavor so much easier.

Moving to NYC will be so much easy

With you following this guide we are positive that moving to NYC with your toddlers will be a piece of cake! Make sure to use the advice and steps provided to you and you’ll be just fine. Most importantly – even though the relocation process is hard and overwhelming, try not to let your toddlers get affected. Try to incorporate everything with the routine they have had so far – when they eat or sleep. Also, make sure to have their favorite toy or tablet nearby in case your toddler needs some entertainment.

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