Moving with in-laws – how to survive

Are you going to live together with your partner’s parents?  Moving with in-laws is a big step and living with a big family may be new for you and strange. How to adjust to this type of life? Every married couple dream about living in their own house, but sometimes plans do not go as planned.

Why do people make this step?

There are 2 main reasons why couples choose to live with their parents. The first reason is the costs of living in Florida and the second one is parents’  health. No matter what the reason is, you should get prepared for this new lifestyle.

A man and a woman highfive as they are moving with in-laws.
Living together in the same home with parents and a spouse has advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of moving with in-laws

Prepare yourselves on time by learning what you can expect.


  • Your kids will spend more time with grandparents
  • You got a helping hand with cooking, cleaning, and watching the kids
  • Getting to know in-laws better
  • Always having someone to talk to
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Being able to save more money


  • No privacy when moving with in-laws
  • More people are included in the decision making
  • Spouse priority
  • No parties with friends
  • Interference on how you should raise your child

How to survive life with in-laws?

How to deal with your in-laws while living with them. Marriage is a big change in life and in some cultures, it is normal to live with parents and spouse in the same house, but even they have some struggles sometimes. Before you start living with them, prepare your items for relocation.

  • Do not try to be perfect because oftentimes daughters-in-law commit to pushing themselves too hard. Nothing is perfect. Be yourself and your parents-in-law will learn to accept you.
  • Set respectful boundaries. This way your relationship with be healthy and you will all have more privacy when needed. Keep your own peace.
  • Don’t start fights with your spouse’s parents. It should not be a habit. Instead, talk out things and do not argue. Try to stay calm and be patient.
  • Learn to let go of some things.  This will keep your peace of mind. It does not mean you are weak, it is actually contrary. Of course, make a balance – when to speak up and when to let go. It is a problem if you are quiet, as well. Or if you always have something to say and argue.
  • Maintain respect because only this way you will get respect in return. Stay polite and value others around you, that is how you will show your respect to in-laws.
A mover in front of a van with moving boxes.
Why don’t you ask for moving assistance?

Adapt but remain true to yourself

Don’t change your in-law’s plans and move by yourself. You can choose a moving company to help you out with the moving process because it is not safe for elderly people to lift heavy items. Moving with in-laws can be a good thing if you are respecting each other and if you are working on your relationship. When you are getting married, you are getting a new family, so try to work things out and adjust.

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