Office design ideas that boost productivity

Every good manager or business owner knows that their employees are the key to their success. Micromanaging and doing things on your own can only take you so far. There comes a point where you must leave everything in the hands of your workers and hope that they will do their part. Therefore, productivity, creativity, and motivation are of the utmost importance. An excellent way to keep your workers productive is to provide them with a comfortable workspace. There are plenty of office ideas that can help you design a working space that will keep your employees motivated, happy, and inspired.

Office design ideas that will help you elevate your workspace and your workers’ state of mind

Before you start to panic and plan your commercial move because your current offices are just not cutting it, take a deep breath and hold on a moment. Don’t make any drastic changes before assessing the situation. There will be plenty of time to contact New Leaf Moving Group and book them for upcoming business relocation. But first, let’s see if some of our ideas can help you transform your current office space. Maybe some will motivate you to redecorate and redesign what you already have at your disposal. Worst case scenario, you will be on the lookout for a new office space.

Employees sitting and working in a modern open space office.
Open space offices are an interesting and logical choice for large teams that depend on teamwork and mutual idea bouncing.

Be mindful of your layout

Before you make any changes to your office slow down and take a second to think. Think about your team’s needs and the type of business you are running. While you are at it think about:

  • your business culture
  • what type of personalities have your employees
  • working style
  • budget

This all might sound like a hassle, but it will help you make the right decisions down the line. The results will be more than worth it. Once you see your employees going at it and working like there is no tomorrow, you will be glad you put in the effort. If you think that your current space can’t give you what you need it might be time to look for new commercial real estate. Even if you work from home, the layout of the space is important.

Keep them moving

Plenty of today’s jobs requires employees to spend most of their time in a sedentary position. That is why it is important to keep your employees moving.  For instance, place printers further away, so when they are needed someone would need to walk to get to them. Having a gym room in the office is an excellent way to promote movement and fitness. Yet, this idea is often not doable. Especially, if you are opening a small business in a small town.

A walking and crossing the street while thinking about office design ideas.
Even a quick walk between the meetings can help employees to clear their heads and get rid of piled-up stress.

Be aware that the encouragement to keep your workers moving doesn’t have to stop at the office. Plan sporty team-building activities that keep people active. You can even provide gym memberships as a standard part of your welcome package. Healthy employees are productive and full of energy.

Colors have a deeper meaning

Of course, you should use colors to make the workspace nicer looking and more pleasant. Yet, colors shouldn’t be interpreted only in a superficial manner. Learn about colors and their effect on human psychology. Once you have a better idea of which color represents what start making changes to your office space. A gloomy and dark office will certainly not spark productivity and motivation among employees. If you don’t pay attention to your color palette in the office, you might as well prepare your employees for upcoming office relocation. Bad color palets in the work space can certainly send you in a bad direction.

Make time for breaks and encourage them

This is a mistake often made, especially by new managers. There is a misconception in thinking that if workers work more hours they will be more productive. In most cases, this is anything but correct. If there is no time for a break, individuals sooner or later come to a point when they feel burned out. In return, their productivity sinks like an anchor in the middle of the sea. Encourage your workers to take breaks. Particularly, when you notice they are about to crack. Some jobs are more stressful than others and you must make sure that employees always have a clear mind when working.

While you are at it, work on your break rooms. The more comfortable they are the better people will feel when using them. Hence, employees will get reenergized quicker and they will be more productive once they return to their duties.

Women chatting and enjoying their break from work.
Break rooms should be homey, comfortable, and filled with natural light. In other words, a relaxing space where employees can gather t unwind.

Moving to a place where your office design ideas can come to life

Once you take a moment and evaluate your offices, you might come to a realization that it is time for a change. You will realize that the key to your employee’s productivity is in your hands. When going through a commercial move hire experts to handle transport. You will have no time to do the heavy lifting. While professional movers handle your office belongings, you will need to worry about your operations staying at the float and keeping your employees balanced and motivated. Your Florida movers can even help your set some things in storage if your new offices are on the smaller side.

Never underestimate the power of a well put together working space

Do you want to make changes that will keep your workers happy, but you don’t even know where to start? That is alright. Office design ideas can be very overwhelming and hard to facilitate. Or you might have room to make only some of the suggested changes. Whatever the case might be there is no room for panic. When struggling to decide which change your employees most need just ask them for feedback. Not only will they know that you care about their comfort at work, but they will also know you want to do something concrete for them to make their lives easier at work. Remember, never underestimate the power of working space on employee productivity.

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