Tech trends that are transforming the moving industry

Technology is helping enhance customer experience across all industries, and the moving industry is no exception. The overall quality of relocation services keeps improving thanks to tech innovations that keep emerging. These valuable innovations are making relocation smoother, safer, and more time- and cost-effective and help the companies expand their businesses internationally. Any company that strives to remain successful and relevant needs to adjust and take advantage of these technologies. Both big, international companies and small, domestic ones understand the importance of keeping up with the latest moving industry trends, while looking to capitalize on the opportunities they offer. Here are some tech trends that are transforming the moving industry no forward-thinking moving company should ignore.

Top tech trends that are transforming the moving industry

Moving cost estimation software

Many customers change their mind or find another mover while waiting for a moving company representative to visit their home and estimate the cost of the move. To avoid this, consider implementing online cost estimation tools. One of the most convenient tech trends that are transforming the moving industry are the tools that help users get an accurate online estimate in record time. This type of software enables both clients and movers to quickly calculate the exact cost of relocation in advance. Moving cost estimation apps offer the customer a certain degree of control while reducing work for the mover through automation.

A woman in a suit holding a sheet with graphs and charts and the word ’’innovation’’ on it.
The future of moving is here.

Plus, they are user-friendly. You can easily get a quote on your PC or mobile device at any time! All you need to do is insert the type of items you are moving, the preferred date of the move, and the drop-off and pick up locations, and leave the calculation to a sophisticated algorithm.

Constant customer support availability

Moving companies worldwide are implementing 24/7 customer support, another tech trend that is changing the moving industry. The chatbot software can interpret users’ text or voice messages to answer common questions. 24/7 customer support is beneficial for both moving companies and their customers. Customers get a speedy response to their queries, while businesses save both time and money.

A man using a tablet, embracing tech trends that are transforming the moving industry.
If you own a company that deals with international relocation, you will find this trend particularly useful.

The chatbot software is available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, and can handle many conversations with multiple clients simultaneously. Having the chatbot handle common inquiries leaves more time to human customer service agents for resolving the less common and more complex issues. You can customize the chatbot interacting with the customers by giving it a more ‘human feel’.


Virtual assistance

Virtual assistants are also expected to have a significant impact on many industries, including the moving industry. In fact, AI assistants are among the most promising tech innovations that are transforming the moving industry. Since they have access to a large database containing all the relevant information (including schedules, employees’ performance information, customers’ personal data, and even administrative information) they will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend searching for data. You could do all this by yourself, but with a little help from AI, your time would be spent more productively. If you own a business, this is a great way to outsource.


What all tech trends that are transforming the moving industry have in common is their creators’ wish to help people work more efficiently. Time-tracking solutions are becoming better by the day. The role of time in the relocation process is essential. Good time-tracking solutions can make any moving process much simpler and less stressful. Just like all the other tech trends mentioned here, time-tracking aids can be of great help to both relocation companies and their customers.

A stopwatch with the word ’’deadline’’ written on it.
As you know, delays are one of the most common customer complaints.

Time-tracking solutions can improve a moving company’s business operations in many ways. With the help of a time-tracking solution, your moving company will be handling multiple service requests with ease and improving workflow efficiency. With a reliable time-tracking solution, you can predict and manage delays in the best way possible. A company that is able to properly track time will be better at scheduling its operations and creating realistic deadlines, thus avoiding unnecessary delays and customer complaints. Moreover, time-tracking will help you come up with an accurate fee for the services your company provides.

Household items tracking

Real-time service updates and goods tracking are now available via apps and online. This is a convenience a lot of moving companies already offer their customers. Customers are able to track their commercial or household goods. From the beginning of their journey until they reach the final destination.  This way, your customers will get a sense of control and security and you’ll be getting fewer inquiries.

Self-booking apps

The last trend on our list of tech trends that are transforming the moving industry is the self-booking app technology. With this type of technology, moving companies can improve their customer experience significantly, thus staying ahead of the competition. The apps enable customers to book a short-notice move or reserve moving assistance well in advance. Using these apps, customers can easily cancel or update their bookings, too.

We hope our article was helpful and informative. Good luck with your move!

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