Things that can go wrong when shipping your car internationally

Shipping overseas is always challenging and stressful. You have to find a reliable company to handle your stuff. You have to worry about the cost of shipping overseas and if your item will arrive at its destination without any damage. And one of the most challenging items to ship internationally is cars. North Miami Mover will tell you about the things that can go wrong when shipping your car internationally. By the end, you will know how to get your car overseas problem free. 

 Shipping your car internationally alone 

The first mistake people make when trying to get their car overseas is doing it alone. When it comes to moving or shipping – people are always trying to save money by completing the task by themselves. Of course, in some cases finishing the process alone is possible. Like shipping your items locally or moving locally. International shipments or moves should always be left to professionals. Especially, if you are shipping or relocating a car. You cannot worry about customs and coordinate your time, get the right amount of boxes, and so on. In addition, you need to calculate the cost of everything and research every part of the process to prevent any mistakes. 

A young man doing research on his laptop as you should do before shipping your car internationally .
Always do research before doing something and never try to ship anything internationally alone.

In our opinion, it’s best to trust experts with your car transportation overseas. They will provide a reliable service for a reasonable price and reduce your stress. 

Shipping your car internationally without the appropriate help 

The second thing that can go wrong when moving your car internationally is not having reliable help. As we already mentioned, you should not ship your car overseas alone. But not having the proper assistance is even a bigger blunder you can make. You will pay them for their services, and they might do a mediocre job. Deliver your car in bad condition or worse – get delayed. People can wait up to a month for their vehicle to arrive at their destination. We will tell you how to find a reliable company to help with the transportation of your car. 

Steps for finding a good company to ship your car 

  • Our first step is to get in touch with your network for advice or recommendations. Asking your friends who have shipped items internationally before can help you when shipping your car internationally. The best thing they can do for you recommends a company that can help with your problem.
  • If your friends provide you with advice and recommendations – your job is complete. But if that is not an option for you, start researching moving or shipping companies online. When researching someone to ship your car overseas, look if they have experience performing that task and if they have positive reviews. 
  • The third step – when you have a narrow list of potential hires, contact them and schedule a meeting. 
  • The fourth step is to communicate and ask for everything in your meeting. Look at this meeting as a job interview for the shipping company. Tell them about what car you have and, most significantly, ask about the price.
  • Finally, when you have met with all the company representatives, decide who you will hire based on their price, helpfulness, and reviews. 
Man in front of white moving van
Shipping your car internationally with the help of the right people is stress-free.

But if you are not confident you can choose the right company to help with your car. Transparent International will relocate both your car and your whole household internationally. 

Shipping your car internationally without a check-up 

Not performing a check-up is a third thing that can go wrong when shipping your car internationally. The most significant steps get overlooked by most people because they are focused on another task. But we are here to remind you to get your vehicle to the mechanics, who will check for any underlying problems. 

Imagine you got your car without any problems overseas, but when it’s time to drive, it just won’t start. A mechanic will check for any leaking fluid or loose parts and repair them. When picking a mechanic, make sure to research, especially if you do not know much about car repair, because they might overcharge you. 

Finally, when you get your car from the mechanic, detail your car until is shining. When you are sure the interior, exterior, and under the hood of the car are in pristine condition then you can give it to a company to prepare it for shipping. 

Empty your car before overseas shipping 

The fourth mistake people make when moving their car overseas is filling it with their belongings. As we have already said, most people will try and save money however they can. Therefore, when relocating their vehicle internationally they put clothes, furniture, and other valuables inside the car. But that is a big mistake because it is breaking the law. 

Shipping companies are not allowed to transport automobiles with household items inside. When you arrive at the border inspection, your items might get taken, and the whole plan will backfire. Instead of saving money, you lose money because you will have to buy new stuff. 

You should also know that some companies allow their clients to put items inside their cars. The company will not provide any insurance on your belongings. You decided to put personal belongings inside the car. If they get damaged, you will have to replace them yourself. 

A mechanic under a car
A mechanic can make sure your car will run as soon as it arrives.


As you can see, many things can go wrong when shipping your car internationally. If you have read the whole article, you will have some idea of how to avoid making mistakes when moving your vehicle overseas. For more advice about car shipping overseas, you should do more research and good luck with your international relocation. 

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