Tour through Washington DC for newcomers

There is a lot of things to do and see in Washington when you first move here. So, for the newcomers, here is a little tour through Washington DC and what you can do here. First, let me say that if you decide to move here you will definitely need some boxes. Washington DC is a city that was planned to become the capital of the United States. hence, it was carefully designed to be an attractive and amazing city with infinite attractions for tourists and people who live there. With small buildings, large gardens, and tons of tourist attractions to visit, Washington DC is nothing like other cities in the United States. When you come from Florida here you will easily see for yourself.

The United States Capital

The Capital building is essential to visit when you move here from Florida. It is a symbol not only of the city. But also of the United States, so you cannot miss it. It hosts the two legislative bodies of the United States Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It stands out above all of the buildings in the city for the majesty of its dome. Which reaches more than 280 feet high.

Be sure to see the Capital while you tour through Washington DC.
When you move somewhere new it is human nature to explore what that city has to offer you also what amazing things you can see that will take your breath away.

Making it one of the tallest buildings in the city and practically visible from any point. This is one of the first buildings that was started in 1793. While being on the topic of amazing art, if you’re an emerging artist, learn how to easily pack your art supplies when moving here. No matter where you are that is something that follows you.

You shouldn’t miss Martin Luther King Memorial

We all know who Martin Luther King is. His memorial is located in West Potomac Park, very close to the Lincoln Memorial, the place where he gave his most famous speech “I Have a Dream ” speech in 1963. This is one of the must-see places since he and activists carried out crucial work in the American civil rights movement.

statue of martin luther king
If you ever heard of the “I have a dream” speech you for sure have to visit his memorial and who had such a great impact on the American civil rights movement

Washington DC also has good storage facilities

While moving from Florida to Washington you can get a unit to keep your possessions safe and sound. And when the time comes you can take them back and move in completely to your new home. They will cover everything you need and for a fair price. You can also be sure that they are professionals because they are in business for quite some time. They will make everything much easier for you and the relocation after a thorough tour through Washington DC.

The World War II memorial you can also visit

Because of its location, you will pass through it almost unintentionally. So take a minute and see what this memorial has to offer and what you can see and learn from it. It was inaugurated in 2004. And that same year it became a national park. It stands out for consisting of 55 17-foot granite pillars. Arranged in two facing semicircles and separated by an oval pool.

Each pillar is inscribed by the name of one of the 50 main states, territories, and associated free states that make up the United States. Freedom Wall, which is west of the plaza overlooking the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial. Embedded in this wall are 4,048 gold stars, each representing 100 Americans who died during the war.

Supreme court of the US
The Supreme court is the highest in the federal judiciary of the United State. And it is also beautifully designed. So when you see it will remind you of Greek temples.

On the tour through Washington DC, you can visit the Supreme Court

This court is the highest in the federal judiciary of the United States is another thing you should and can visit. While being on the topic of court here or some benefits of signing a rental agreement when you are moving to somewhere so you will know better. The Court is behind the Capitol and next to the National Library in the Temple of Justice, which has been the permanent and exclusive residence of the Supreme Court since 1790. The building is breathtaking as it reminds people of Greek temples. Make sure in advance they are open for visits before arriving for a tour through Washington DC.

Botanic garden in Washington DC

After seeing all the official things and you want a little break this is a spot for you. The Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places to visit in Washington. It has more than 25,000 plants spread over different collections and habitats: oasis, desert, orchids, rare plants. So when visiting be ready for amazing colors and beauty that will make you fall in love and make you don’t want to leave this beautiful place.

And not the mention it is free and they run guided tours. You can use this tour to get one of the great ideas to boost your home’s curb appeal so you can sell it for more money before moving to Washington from Florida. Simply by making your home value go up because of the front view.

Red flowers in a garden during a tour through Washington DC.
You will have to visit the botanic garden sooner or later. So it will take your breath away with its beauty and diversity of It has more than 25,000 plants spread over different collections and habitats

During a tour through Washington DC

During the tour through Washington DC, you will realize why this city is the capital of the United States. Washington is full of history and knowledge you can learn from a lot if you try. And of course, if you fall in love with the city you can always relocate to Washington DC from Florida, and always be close to such a beautiful place. And of course, historical and important places for the whole US.

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