Why real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year

Looking for an ‘ideal’ investment state or county is not easy. However, there are solid arguments that Miami Dade might just be one such place! To explain our reasoning, we’ve prepared a guide on why real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year.

Florida taxes are lower

The first reason real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year is because of Florida’s low taxes. Whether you are trying to accrue a rental empire, or you are looking to refurbish homes for sale, this is a good thing. You can minimize the expenses of holding onto the homes while you work on them, after all. The lower taxes also mean that you will get more interest in the area from people looking to find a home. Some of the services you need for running real estate investments are also cheaper here due to the lower taxes. Now, yes, all of this applies to the whole of Florida. However, other traits of the county we will cover make it more desirable than other areas of the state. Together, they make for a very convincing argument that this particular area is where you should look for investments.

An illustration of a handshake and a house that has been sold after realizing why real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year.
The lower taxes make your sales more profitable.

Lots of wealthy buyers prefer Florida

The second reason real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year is the fact that there are lots of wealthy buyers here. Now, this is directly connected to what we just discussed. Drawn in by the low taxes, wealthy individuals tend to flock to Florida, and Miami Dade in particular. This makes for a very unique situation where the luxury home market is as bustling as the ‘normal’ housing market is. If you prefer to focus on high-value investments, then this is an ideal environment for you whether you are planning to pander to home buyers or wealthy renters who are looking to check out the lifestyle in the county first. Of course, we recommend you thoroughly plan your operations, since their demands will be exacting.

An open house sign.
You will have a lot more interest in your luxury properties here.

The logistical support

Due to the wealth and bustling economy of the county, you will also be able to find lots of logistical support. Running a successful real estate investment is frequently made difficult in counties that don’t offer a lot of services. If you are looking to move, then you probably want movers to take care of your belongings and arrange quick transfer, a storage unit to put some of that stuff in, cleaners to tidy up the home just in case, and much more. If you can’t find that stuff easily, the location becomes a lot less appealing, and you are likely to look elsewhere. For a real estate investor, this means that you are both struggling to maintain your properties more and have fewer customers. This, in turn, makes counties like Miami Dade that have a well-developed support network highly appealing.

The housing market of Miami Dade County has grown over the years

Due to the low taxes, amazing levels of interest on all levels of the housing market, and invaluable support from various related businesses, the housing market of Miami Dade County has continuously grown and evolved over the years. It has been one of the best-performing housing markets for several years now. And not even the pandemic could put a dent in it. This means that the overall quality of the market has grown as well, contributing to why real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year. The market has reached the point where even buying a fixer-upper is not necessarily a bad idea for investors, since the overall quality of the property is higher and there’s less work to be done on it than in other counties. For people looking for the most profitable yet cheap investment options, this presents a wealth of opportunities.

Miami Dade provides lots of opportunities

Speaking of opportunities, one of the reasons why the county is so appealing is due to its bustling economy. Miami Dade has continued to flourish, and there’s a variety of jobs on offer to pick from. Miami itself is a thriving hub of startups, particularly of the tech variety. The tourism industry in the county ensures there are always lots of jobs available that pander to them. And the county is no slouch when it comes to the number of ‘regular’ jobs on offer, either. All of this makes it more likely for people to look for a real estate purchase. Or find a nice cozy rental to live in. In turn, all real estate investment opportunities become more viable as well!

Miami Dade is perfect for rental properties

Of course, out of all the real estate investment options, rentals are particularly promising in this county. This is because of the high interest in them locally, as well as by the tourists who visit the county. You can very easily set yourself up so that you never lack tenants! And, as discussed, you’ll by no means be limited in the level of luxury you can furnish your rental with. High-class, luxury rentals are just as likely to find a suitable tenant here! And, as the storage and moving experts point out, the many cheap storage facilities in the city make it possible to store furniture and quickly swap out the style of your rentals to keep them fresh and appealing.

The ROI potential for even less ‘popular’ real estate moves

The final reason why real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year is because even the less popular investments have a near-guaranteed return. And we are not referring to something like buying a condo in Miami, which is highly profitable. No, you can, if you want, even invest in empty land plots! This is because the county is continuously growing, and just holding onto these will see their value appreciated. The upkeep costs of them are also pretty much nonexistent. So you can hold onto them for as long as you wish until you feel it’s time to sell at a profit. Without even having to build anything on the land!

Construction site.
You can also build on the land to boost its value further.

Investing in Miami Dade County real estate

Our guide on why real estate investors should focus on Miami Dade County this year amply illustrates its appeal. Now, all you need to do is come up with your investment approach! Whether it’s residential or commercial real estate investment, you’ll find your niche here.

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