5 moving mistakes that may complicate your move

There are so many things you have to think about when moving. From organizing every single step to perfectly allocate your time. From finding or hiring the help to the packing and labeling all your possessions. So, it’s completely fine if you make a few mistakes. However, when being dragged on so many sides, you can at least learn what to avoid from other people’s experiences. That’s why online resources are a great way to learn about common moving mistakes that may complicate your move.

5 moving mistakes to avoid

By spending a little time to do the proper research, you can help yourself a lot. People like to share their experiences and, in general, guide others with advice. The moving process is not the exception, on the contrary. You can find a lot of shared stories and instructions about every single detail considering moving. To ensure you have an easy and stress-free relocation, try to remember these 5 moving mistakes that can complicate your moving day:

  1. Avoiding to get help
  2. Not paying attention to movers reputation
  3. Neglecting the safety on a moving day
  4. Forgetting to label your boxes
  5. You fail to reduce the number of items

Avoiding to get help

Without exception, we all like to keep a high opinion about ourselves. Thinking that we are all mighty, all-knowing, capable to do anything is a common mistake. Simply put, place your ego aside because moving is not the situation to overestimate yourself. If you try to accomplish DIY moving or save some money, don’t hesitate to ask your friends or family for help. On the other side, if your move is large and long-distance, you should hire a reputable moving company.

Small red Fiat badly parked.
Moving is a way more complex than simple parking. But it seems that some of us are having problems with that as well.

Not paying attention to movers reputation

At last, you’ve finally made a decision to hire movers, but you still want to save money. In this situation, people often make a mistake and hire the cheapest company they find. Don’t get me wrong, there are good and cheap companies. However, there are many shady companies as well, offering “the best” deals. To avoid this, you should always check their reputation first. Fortunately, this is the age of technology so it’s not too hard to dig up useful info over the internet. Remember, it can cost you more than you think if you are placing your faith in scammers.

Neglecting the safety on a moving day

There is only one way to say this: “Don’t do any heavy lifting yourself!” Even if you do have some help, you should be extremely careful when moving things around. Not only you are risking to injure yourself but you are endangering others as well. Some of the most severe and permanent injuries happen when dealing with heavy lifting. Seriously, don’t fool around and get the appropriate equipment. Or, eventually, hire professionals and do something else.

Forgetting to label your boxes is one of the most common moving mistakes that may complicate things

This is, in fact, one of the most annoying mistakes people do. Forgetting to label your boxes will make complete chaos of your moving day. Imagine you arrive at the new place. Happy and eager to unpack and rearrange. Only to realize that you have no clue what’s in your boxes. So, remember to grab a few markers and name your boxes the proper way.

An illustration of a few boxes with labels, scissors, and duct tape.
How would you know what’s inside without labeling?

You fail to reduce the number of items

Moving should be an excuse to start anew. Have a fresh start in a new place away from all the clutter. Generally, your goal should be to get rid of items, not to bring everything along. Failing to reduce your possessions is one of the most common moving mistakes that may complicate your move greatly.

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