Best small towns in Florida, 2020

For as long as we remember, Florida has been one of those special places we often dream about. It’s the land of the sun, wonderful beaches, clear water, and a vibrant lifestyle. Filled with wildlife, Florida has some of the most stunning natural landscapes. With Miami in the front row, Florida’s cities are very active places where you can always find something interesting to do. However, these highly urban cities, with a great number of residents, are not the only places you can enjoy. There is a vast range of smaller places that offers a unique, peaceful, and engaging experience. Some of them are the best small towns in Florida, not too big nor too small, about perfect in size to suit all your needs.

Some of the best small towns in Florida

Whether you are looking for a place on the coast, or you need more continental place, Florida has it. Each and every one of those small towns can offer something genuine. From specific seafood to the abundance of outdoor activities, you can find it all. All you have to do is to pick one of the towns, browse, negotiate your moving with the company you like, and sit back and enjoy. Without further ado, let’s check some of those beautiful and lovely places:

  • Bradenton
  • Naples
  • Crestview
  • Apalachicola
  • Dunedin
  • Seaside
  • Gasparilla Island
  • Anna Maria Island


In most cases, you will have Bradenton relocation affordable and speedy. Located between Sarasota and Tampa, surrounded by water, Bradenton has the most beautiful beaches. Just like in any other larger city, you will find plenty of museums, restaurants, and other amenities here. Normally, considering its size, it’s a very walkable town. You can reach outer rims from downtown within a reasonable amount of time. It’s a delightful place, very popular among working artists because of its famous Village of the Arts. A special district that allows artists to live and work from their homes.


It’s nothing like the city in Italy. Even though it boasts with some of the most expensive real estates, it’s nothing to worry about. It is still a small town with a friendly vibe where almost everyone can find affordable housing. Generally, it’s a popular place for fishing and has more than a few satisfying and interesting beaches. Also, this place offers plenty of amenities for shopping, some of the best art galleries, and unique culinary experience. But that’s not all. It’s, furthermore, very popular among elderly people because of retirement communities and vacation destinations.


If you are looking for a friendly little town with famous southern charm and hospitality, feel free to transport your household goods anywhere in Crestview. You can find this attractive place in Okaloosa County. Animal lovers and kids will most certainly enjoy the Emerald Coast Zoo. When it comes to affordability, Crestview has some of the most budget-friendly housing offers. Combine it with a great number of grocery stores, good healthcare, and quality school, and you got yourself a wonderful place for a family.

Family members enjoying the sunset on the shore in Florida.
You can forget about everything else and spend a pleasant time with your family.


Apalachicola is a wonderful place if you enjoy everything related to nature. Some of the oldest and most interesting places can be found nearby. You will have the chance to personally explore the national and state parks. With, or without the help of some of the nicest people around. Honestly, it’s really calming and tension-free place. Also, widely known for seafood, you will get the chance to see arguably the world’s tastiest oysters – Florida Panhandle’s oyster. Like any other coastal place, this town offers beautiful beaches and amazing summertime.

Breathtaking nature scenery with a palm tree and water.
Nature enthusiasts will adore the surroundings.


Another small-town popular for its many, pristine and breathtaking, beaches is Dunedin. No, it has nothing to do with the Dúnedain from The Lord of the Rings movies. This Dunedin is carefully nestled into the St. Joseph Sound’s cove. On the contrary to other places on the list, you will not find large markets or popular shops here. This is a small vintage place with a charming little downtown, small affordable houses, and almost zero crime rates. However, don’t let the size fool you, because you will find more than 25 various festivals that are taking place here.


Seaside is a vibrant little coastal town in Walton County. Founded with environmentally friendly practices in mind, you can imagine it as the old-style Florida beach town. This friendly little community, with plenty of simple local amenities, is also a place where you can enjoy a long walk in nature. As well as on the beach, of course. Here, you can participate in a couple of local events among which Seaside Half Marathon and 5k Race are the most popular. Overall, Seaside is a quiet little place where everything seems like it’s avoiding the touch of time.

Old path through the trees leading to the beach.
Small towns in Florida are the best way to completely get away from the crowd.

Gasparilla Island

Another small town in the old Florida style, Gasparilla Island is a fisherman’s paradise. Whether you are into the shelling or fishing, you can join with many regular visitors to expand your experience. Its pure white sands, Clypeasteroida species, and tarpon fishing are attracting many people to one of the last bridgeless barrier islands. Truly, Gasparilla Island feels like it’s in another world. The moment you step on it, you will notice that everything in connection with the urban lifestyle is fading away. Leaving you without the stress and regenerating your entire body and mind.

Anna Maria Island

You can find Anna Maria Island between the Gulf of Mexico and mainland Florida. This barrier island is just a few miles long and offers beautiful beaches of white sand to its visitors. Among others, there are many water activities going on. Kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding are just some of them. If you have ever seen the advertisement for tropical places from dreams, this island looks exactly like it. There are no larger buildings, no hotels nor condos, only tropical style homes. Without any doubt, living in Anna Maria Island feel like a never-ending vacation.

Conclusion on the best small towns in Florida

Finally, you can leave the daily rush of metropolitan areas behind you. Best small towns in Florida offer certain charm you won’t be able to find anywhere else. From a slower way of living to the friendly and pleasant neighbors, you can find everything in one place. Relax and enjoy the warm balmy breezes while rediscovering what living without stress means.

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