The ultimate guide to overcoming kid’s moving anxiety

Helping a child cope with moving may be an issue, especially if you are moving on short notice. Overcoming kid’s moving anxiety should be teamwork. If you are moving often, it will have some influence on your kids, but with the right approach and conversation, everything should be fine.

Tips for overcoming kid’s moving anxiety

The moving process will be easier if moving the entire family, but if you are moving to North Miami after divorce as a single mom (or dad), you will work harder. Anxiety must be taken seriously because it leads to:

  • Depression – not only kids but many adults feel depression after moving. Overcoming kid’s moving anxiety will prevent depression and sadness.
  • Fear – kids often feel they will lose friends from school and that they won’t fit into a new environment.
  • Chronic stress – if you don’t help your child moving anxiety, he/she may be stressed for a long time.
Helping overcoming kid's moving anxiety.
Spend as much time as you can with your kids when moving


Don’t keep relocation a secret. No matter how young your child is, he or she will know something is happening. There are many psychological effects of moving frequently as a child, but also if you are moving for the first time, communicate and be honest. Be open and your child will come to you to talk about moving and life after moving and all the worries.

Organize a party for moving

Host a party and invite kids’ friends from school and from the street. Having a goodbye party will help kids start a new chapter. And also, kids love parties, so they will be excited. If you are having a problem with saying goodbye to your old life, this tip will work with you too.

Involve kids in the moving process

Hire a moving company to help you with moving and transporting your household goods anywhere in FL, but also include kids into a moving process. For example, kids can pack their toys. If they are young, make a game, who will pack a box with toys faster. If you have older kids, they can research a new place, look for new houses with you, choose a moving company, etc.

Overcoming kid’s moving anxiety will depend on your kid’s character too.

Establish a routine

It is hard to keep kids’ routines when moving, but do your best not to change their rhythm and everyday habits and routines. Especially with eating and sleeping. Immediately after moving, establish routines for your kids and unpack their items first such as toys, pillows, bedding, favorite snacks, etc. Unpack those items first and spend time together as a family.

Help them make new friends

Overcoming kid’s moving anxiety is easier with friends. Help them adjust faster and easier to a new school and environment and to meet new friends. You can organize a party for their new friends and if you moved locally, invite their old friends too. It will be fun and kids will be excited.

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