Best Japanese restaurants in Miami

Are you finally and officially a resident of Miami, Fl. You’ve just finished the relocation process from Japan to Miami and now it’s time to forget about the relocation stress and to start settling. Or you’re about to move from Japan to Miami any time soon and you’re excited. Regardless of what is, life in Miami is a dream for many people, and it is no surprise. Besides the beautiful city, beaches, and weather, Miami is also famous for its wide and diverse gastronomical offer. But, what are the best Japanese restaurants in Miami? Here you’ll find the answer. 

The great food scene is one of the 7 reasons to absolutely love living in Miami, so you can simply get lost in this vast offer and miss the best places. That is why you should read this article and find out which are the best Japanese restaurants in Miami.

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Which are the best Japanese restaurants in Miami?

It’s always a good thing to learn as much as possible about the new city before you move. So, make sure you do that before you reach out to experts to help you relocate from Japan to Miami. Besides, there is so much to learn about The Magic City. And one of the interesting things to discover is which are the best Japanese restaurants here. Of course, no one can say that for sure, but some restaurants have a better reputation than others. Also, there are places where it is difficult to find a reservation. There are places that food critics mention in their publications and blogs. Furthermore, there are Japanese restaurants that people simply love and keep coming back to. So, below you will find some of those places.


Makoto is a Miami gem located in the luxurious Bal Harbour Shops. This is a place where Japanese traditional meals are reshaped and served for every customer who wants to taste something new and different. Makoto Okuwa, head chef, spent more than twenty years mixing modern kitchen with the Japanese tradition. So, you must try it. In this restaurant, you can try some of the most incredible combinations. For example, ginger lamb chop with whipped feta-tofu. Or you can try grilled skirt steak with avocado and ginger purée and a bit of wasabi on the side. So, this is the perfect place to celebrate the new beginning after moving to this beautiful city.


KYU is the next splendid, simplistic but fashionable Asian restaurant with great Japanese barbecue. So, once Kokusai Express Japan helps you move to Miami, make sure you visit it and have an amazing experience restaurant. This place is very popular among art lovers. Their diverse menu will make you speechless just by looking at the options. KYU has professional but relaxed service and a commitment to green practices. And for every wood they burn, they plant five. But, if you want to eat here, get a reservation, because this place is almost always full. They also offer cocktails, wine, beer, and sake for drinks. You may find them at 251 NW 25th St Miami.

When the city is amazing, there is no wonder why there are the best Japanese restaurants in Miami at our disposal.


Zuma, with stunning views of the Miami River, will always be a go-to Japanese hot spot. This chic and minimalist restaurant, with shared dishes, sushi, and more is located in the heart of downtown. Zuma Restaurant has world-famous chef Rainer Becker’s modern Japanese izakaya dining style from the robata grill and kitchen. Also, the restaurant provides two unique spaces that are perfect for any case. Their gorgeous private dining room and waterfront terrace are the ideal places for any event. So, once you relocate into one of the most desirable Miami neighborhoods, visit this place. The restaurant menu features different dishes from its three kitchens. And those include the main kitchen, the sushi bar, and the robata grill. So, you can see why this Zuma is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Miami.

Matsuri Japanese Restaurant 

This homey restaurant features inventive sushi, hot entrees, and a Japanese menu with less-common dishes. You can find it in the shopping center Red Bird in Miami. Matsuri Japanese Restaurant to its customers serves authentic Japanese cuisine for over thirty years. Also, the restaurant tries to provide food of the highest possible quality. They offer a great range of liquors such as sake and Japanese beer and many Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, pasta, bowls, and more. Besides this, the restaurant has very helpful staff and great customer service. Also, they serve large portions for reasonable prices. So, visit them.

Japanese food is quite delicious and amazing.

Hiden is also one of the best Japanese restaurants in Miami

So, when you move from Japan and begin living the North Miami lifestyle, pay a visit to Wynwood and its famous Japanese restaurant Hiden. Tucked inside the Taco Stand you’ll find this elegant dining room behind a secret door. Hiden restaurant quickly discarded its secret status because of a ridiculously tasty 16-course tasting menu. But, before you come here, make sure you book a reservation. This place is so popular, so you’ll need to reserve at least three weeks in advance. 

In conclusion – Best Japanese restaurants in Miami 

As you can see, even when you move to Miami from Japan, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy many great Japanese restaurants. So, make sure you visit these places on the list and meet new people. Maybe you’ve considered the list carefully and already have a restaurant in mind. And your neighbor may recommend their favorite place that isn’t on this list. Whatever your own choice of best Japanese restaurants in Miami might be, it’s crucial to start feeling at home as soon as possible. Then, you will be able to recommend your favorite restaurant to the next newcomer. So, good luck and enjoy dining in these Japanese restaurants. in Miami

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