North Miami lifestyle

When choosing your location and deciding to move somewhere, there are many things to consider. Are there enough options for outdoor activities, for example. If you’re moving with kids, you’ll be wondering about the schools in the city. Or you’ll need a good campus if you’re moving as a student. But also, there’s more to a place than this. In order to get a full picture of one town or a city, you need to know how people live and what they do in their free time. Or what their habits and perspective towards life. Only then, you’ll be closer to understanding it. And if you’re thinking about moving to North Miami, look no further. Read on and find about the North Miami lifestyle.

North Miami lifestyle

Located about 10 miles north of Miami, North Miami has all that you need.

  • great beaches are here, so you’ll always be close to the ocean.
  • Florida International University and Johnson & Wales Univerisity have campuses here, so good education is also available.
  • with about 60.000 residents, this is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Florida.

But what makes up the North Miami lifestyle?

Sea and sun.
Sea is an important part of North Miami lifestyle

The flavor

North Miami’s got many restaurants where you can treat your appetite with new flavors. With a community as diverse as this one, it’s reasonable to expect plenty of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. Also, there are many bars here with craft beers or cafes where you can just talk to your friends in a cozy setting.

Music events

Music is a big part of the North Miami lifestyle. Every last Friday of the month, you can enjoy Jazz at Moca. Also, every year, there’s Music in the Plaza. In addition to these two, there are many other events where you can listen to different kinds of music, according to your taste.

Jazz musicians playing.
Music lovers are never bored living here


There’s a place in North Miami for workaholics. However, life is not only about working every day. There are other important ingredients that make life more colorful, and art is one of them. Here in North Miami, you can visit many different galleries, design and antique shops. Whether you’re looking for a piece that you can put in your living room or you just like being inspired, only art can make the mundane life more vibrant.

The style

How to work that North Miami style? Well go to one of the stylish shops and one-of-a-kind salons and see what suits you the best. When walking the streets, you’ll notice what’s hip and trendy and the moment. You can decide for yourself which part of the North Miami style you’ll fit into your own personal style.

Do you need anything else?

Are the beaches the only option for outdoor activities? Of course not, the largest urban park in Florida is right here, and it’s called Oleta River State Park. So, as you can see, the residents of NoMi, have it good here. A good education, beautiful parks and music and arts running through the veins of the city make a unique North Miami lifestyle. But, come and spend some time here, and you’ll see for yourself.

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