Best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seekers

The fantastic city of Miami. When most people think about it, the first thing that comes to their mind is a sunny beach and an overall tropical atmosphere. However, some people are relocating towards Miami seeking for a job. Those usually are young people and they’re often professionals in what they do. And although they always are interested in the fantastic nightlife that Miami has to offer, they need to know which are the best neighborhoods for them. The southern part of the city is famous for tourism. However, North Miami is the place to go for if you’re looking for a job. Therefore, here are the best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seekers.

About North Miami

North Miami is located about 10 miles north of the city of Miami. However, there’s no real separation between the two. So, essentially you’ll still be living in Miami. The city lays on the shores of Biscayne Bay and it’s famous for its beautiful parks. There is also the Museum of Contemporary Art located here, and many people visit this part of the city just for it. It is designed by world-famous architect Charles Gwathmey. The thing with North Miami is that it is much cheaper to live here than in let’s say Coral Gables or South Beach. And affordability is a thing that’s valued the most since the cost of living in Florida is not small.

A Biscayne Bay beach.
Biscayne Bay is a beautiful part of Miami full of beaches.

Moving to North Miami

You should do one thing before you choose to which one of the best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seekers you will move. And that is informing about moving to North Miami. Luckily, moving in this area is no different from any other part of Miami. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems to find specialists for any type of relocation. And you’ll want to hire some help. Moving is a stressful process and you don’t want to have to manage everything by yourself. 

  • Make a moving plan and checklist. Write down everything that you want to move, and the things that you’re going to leave behind also. Include all the things that you need to take care of on the list and do them one by one. Be sure to give yourself enough time and don’t try to rush through everything.
  • When it comes to packing. Gather all the materials that you’re going to need beforehand. Go room by room and be merciless. If you don’t need something, feel free to throw it away. Or even better, donate it to someone who will use it. Label all the boxes and you’re good to go.

If you do everything by the book, you won’t have any problems with relocating to North Miami.

Best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seekers

So, here they are. These are the best places to consider if you’re moving to Miami and looking for a job.


Aventura is a planned suburban neighborhood which is also very close to the coast. This gives it a kind of special quality since there are many job opportunities, as well as a lot of relaxation options. This is a luxurious part of town, and many people live in their beach houses. However, affordable condos still do exist in this part of the city. When it comes to job hunt, you’ll have lots of luck if you do anything that has a connection with the boating industry. But there are many other places available too.

Public transport is very good here so you won’t have to worry about that either. Metrobus and Broward Country Transit bus systems both continuously operate here providing services for all in need for them. And if you’re wondering where will you spend your hard-earned money, we’ve got you covered too. Aventura Mall is an enormous indoor shopping center, which is also the largest attraction of the city.

Boats as the reason why Aventura is one of the best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seekers.
If you’re in the boating industry, you can make a real small fortune in Aventura.

Golden Glades

The close second on our list of the best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seekers is Golden Gables. This place will be ideal to move for the ones who seek some affordability. The thing is that the houses in this part of the city are older. Which, naturally, makes them cheaper to rent. This all means that you’ll be able to find a house for as much as 50% lower than in Aventura, and you’ll still be close enough to all of the important assets of Miami. Therefore, you’ll be able to work as hard, but you’ll save spend less money on life expences. If this is a kind of thing that you’re looking for don’t hesitate. Call a company like Miami Movers for Less and start with your move as soon as you can.

North Miami Beach

This is yet another beautiful neighborhood in North Miami. It offers its residents an urban feel that just Miami can offer. Most of the locals rent their homes so you can expect that finding the right house for you won’t be a problem. And when it comes to job opportunities, there are many options since the economy is strong here. There are also many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks so you probably won’t find yourself bored here. It’s worth mentioning that this place is packed with young professionals, so the community is pretty liberal. Therefore, if you’re a young man or a woman looking for a job in Miami but still don’t know how to make it in Florida, this neighborhood can do wonders for you.

Skyscraper in Miami.
Affordable housings and a lot of opportunities are what qualifies NMB for one of the best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seekers.


In the end, only you can decide which of the best neighborhoods in North Miami for young Job Seeker will work the best for you. If you have resources, give it a go with Aventura. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to get a feel for Miami and still don’t know what you’re going to do when you get here, Golden Glades is probably the right place for you. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep a positive attitude and plan everything as far ahead as you can.

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