Moving to North Miami for retirement – pros and cons

Most people want to live in Florida after retirement because of many reasons, such as affordability and great and warm weather. Moving to North Miami for retirement may be an option for you, but first, you should explore it and know what to expect. After that, you will decide will you move there or maybe not.

Every city has bad and good sides, and this part of Miami has them too. Living between the center of Miami and Hollywood may be very comfortable and stress-free, which is perfect for you. Miami Beach and downtown Miami are full of nightclubs, bars, it is crowded and loud. Seniors tend to live in slower and quiet places.

A view of Miami.
Miami has everything for everyone, young professionals, teens, seniors

The pros of moving to North Miami for retirement

The other name for Florida is a Retirement State, and it is really one of the best places for seniors. It has many pros that attract people to move here. This is the list of why you should retire in Miami.

  • Seniors are moving to North Miami because of the low costs of living. This is one of the most common reasons for relocating here. Life is very affordable here in Florida, so you can spend money on other things, not only on the bills.
  • The warm weather is better for seniors and less dangerous than snow and ice, where you can hurt your back or hip. If you don’t want to be a snowbird, then move here for good. The temperature in January is about 60 degrees.
  • Seniors are loving it here because of may outdoors recreations and activities. Retirement life doesn’t have t be boring, now you have time to try things you never have. Relax on the beach, play golf, research programs for seniors and meet new people, etc. If you are moving with pets, they will love it here.
  • Florida has no income taxes, which is another reason why living here is more affordable. Residents older than 65 can apply for homestead exemption ($50,000 or even more).
  • You will enjoy Latin culture in Miami. Music, food, art, amazing drinks, etc. Your only job is to relax and enjoy your retirement. About 70% of the residents are Latino.

The cons of moving to North Miami for retirement

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, neither is North Miami. You should write down all these facts in order to make the right call. To move here or not. Some cons of living here as a senior are listed below.

  • We mentioned how the weather is great, but on the other hand, hurricanes are often. Also, temperatures are very high during the summer (July and August, particularly). If you can stand high temperatures and you are afraid of hurricanes, then you should think twice before moving to North Miami for retirement.
  • The cost of living is affordable in Florida but when comparing Miami and other cities here, Miami has the highest cost of living in FL. Costs in North Miami are also a little bit higher than the FL average.
  • Medical care is also an important factor when moving as a senior or when moving with kids. The healthcare is not the best in the country, it is median. You are maybe in good health ow, but for 5 or 10 years no one knows what can happen.
  • Depending on the neighborhood you choose, a crime may be a problem. Most neighborhoods in North Miami are safe but pay attention to this when choosing your future home.
  • Home prices in Miami are not affordable as they are in the rest of Florida cities, especially near the beach.

If you decide to move to North Miami, hire a mover

You will definitely need help with packing and moving. This can be very dangerous for you and you can get hurt. The safest and simplest solution is to hire a professional moving company to help you move to North Miami with ease. You will also need packing and unpacking service, home organization, and all the help you can get. Find a company that can fulfill all the requirements. Visit and they may offer you some great relocation services.

A senior painting.
Enjoy your moving to North Miami for retirement and hire professionals who can help you

Questions to ask yourself before moving in retirement

Before you make a decision to move, ask yourself some questions. If you are not from Florida, long-distance relocations are a big step. Many people (seniors) want to live in Florida and some of them are moving from NYC to Miami because NYC is expensive and winters are very cold.

  • How you will spend your days? Miami has many programs for retirees, so you should join them.
  • Where your family lives? Will it be difficult to visit them often? If your kids and grandkids live far away from North Miami, so think about that too.
  • What to do with your current home, to sell it or to rent it to tenants?
  • Also, will you rent or buy a home in Miami, what is a better option for you?
  • Will you have easy access to medical facilities in North Miami?
  • What lifestyle you want in retirements – quiet or you want to be in the center of events? Being a retire doesn’t mean you should sit in the house all day reading newspapers.
  • Moving in retirement is not cheap, so can you afford it?
A senior on a beach in Miami.
In North Miami you can enjoy the beach every day, exercise, talk to other people and be an active senior

If you are moving to North Miami for retirement, it can be an amazing adventure because it has a lot to offer to senior residents. Financially and socially too. A lot of people move when their careers are ending, and they should, after all those years working and raising kids. Golden years should be stress-less and beautiful on a beach with a cocktail.

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