Best NYC neighborhoods according to young Florida professionals

You need to know that relocation is not only about getting from one house to another. It is much more than that. Soon enough you are going to change your entire life, completely. You will have new neighbors, new hobbies and habits. So choosing one of the best NYC neighborhoods is quite essential. You want to make a better change in your life, and you are here to improve everything and make it better. So, this is the first and most significant step that you need to go through. But be aware that moving during the holidays might not be the best time, so you better hurry up with your decision. Or wait until they pass. However, we prepared a list of the best neighborhoods that you can find in New York, and yours is just to choose from the list.

Greenwich Village is one of the best NYC neighborhoods according to young Florida professionals

No matter where you look for information or who you ask for an opinion, everyone will confirm that Greenwich Village is without a doubt the best neighborhood in New York City. And we completely agree with this thought. There are about 27,312 inhabitants and most of them are young professionals that tend to be liberal. The area feels dense and urban, so you can expect to find many bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. And the best part is that there are plenty of parks as well. So if you have a pet and you love walking around the park, this is a piece of great information that you will love.

For sure, you need to expect that prices are not the lowest. Not here, nor anywhere else in New York. But since you want to relocate here, you probably already know that. The median home value here is $1,403,206. And the median rent is $2,510. So, you can imagine that most of the residents here are renters rather than owners. When compared to a national level, it is much more. But it is what it is, and you could’ve expected that. Remember to research websites such as to check out if you have movers for this specific area and what your options are.

Aerial view of one of the best NYC neighborhoods.
Finding the best NYC neighborhoods won’t be a problem with our help.

You should also check out Upper East Side

Living on Upper East Side is not only for New York’s elite, and you should know that. We all dreamed about living there and fitting into this kind of lifestyle. But it is not like in movies and tv shows. Anyone can live here, and it is one of the greatest places in entire New York. However, it is a little bit more pricey than all the other places. So be aware of that while you are considering. You will need some home buyer’s guide before you make this purchase, that is for sure. But first, let’s see something about the Upper East Side that is useful to know.

The area feels dense and suburban in this area and you can find everything around you that you can possibly need. There are 201,765 inhabitants living in the Upper East Side, so you could say it is one of the most popular places for sure. Even though most of them are young professionals, there are also plenty of retirees. So if you are moving as a family, older people will be able to find friends as well quite easily.

Brooklyn is the most affordable

If you are looking for something more affordable than those other neighborhoods that we suggested, then you must be looking for something like Brooklyn. Moving to Brooklyn, even if it is from Manhattan, will have a big impact on you. You aren’t going to only simply change the address. As a matter of fact, by settling in somewhere around the Brooklyn area, you will be changing the way of life. This might be a little bit shocking, but there are 2,576,771 inhabitants in this area. The median rent is $1,483, and the median home value is $734,800. So you can understand why the number is so high. Living here you will have everything, and Manhattan will also be close because of the public transportation. If you want a calmer and more peaceful life, this place is the right place for you.

Manhattan bridge from Brooklyn side.
The best view of the Manhattan bridge is from Brooklyn.

Astoria is also amazing

For those people that are looking more for a family-friendly place, we suggest checking out Astoria. Astoria is close and well-connected to other parts of New York. And the area is very safe and peaceful. There are plenty of parks around where you can spend sunny days. Also, if you have children, you should know that some of the best schools are in Astoria. So you won’t have to worry about your child’s education.

Take a look at one of the best NYC neighborhoods – Williamsburg

Williamsburg is yet another one of the popular neighborhoods in NYC. There are 153,585 inhabitants and they are mostly young professionals and families. The area feels dense and urban, and there is everything that you need just around you. It is not affordable as Brooklyn, but it is cheaper than Manhattan or Upper East Side. You could say it is somewhere in between when it comes to prices. Most of the residents are renters, so you can start by checking out housing options and flats that are available.

Aerial view of Manhattan during golden hour.
No matter what neighborhood you choose, it will be easy to find movers in NYC.

Remember to choose wisely

Here is one small tip that you need to hear. Before you decide which are the best NYC neighborhoods for you, you need to remember to choose wisely. The list of choices is big, and you want what is best for your needs. So write down somewhere your goals and what you are looking for. Also, remember to think about what it is that you need to have around and what your budget is. Only when you list out those needs will you be able to find the right neighborhood for yourself!

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