How to pack your apartment for a cross-country move in just one week

It takes a lot of time to conduct the relocation. A month or so would be ideal for planning, and a few weeks would be ideal for packing and cleaning. However, a lot of us have had to relocate within the week. Today we will show you how to pack your apartment for a cross-country move in just one week.

Breathe and then prepare

There are two reasons why you need to pack your apartment for a cross-country move in just one week. Either you didn’t receive much notice that one was coming, or you put off making the move, and time crept up on you. Don’t criticize yourself if you put yourself in this situation by putting off doing anything because life is hectic, things happen, and frankly, you don’t have time to think about it. Simply start working. Establishing a plan is the first thing you should do.

A piece of paper in a planner with the words "make it happen".
Planning your cross-country move will help you immensely!

Have enough resources for your cross-country move in just one week

Purchasing everything you need is vital because you won’t have time to make several runs back and forth. Consider that your apartment will require ten to twenty boxes of various sizes. You can also acquire gadgets that will help you stay organized during your move in just one week. So that you may pack your clothing without having to take them off their hangers, make sure to purchase a few wardrobe boxes as well.

A laptop, a phone, and a post-it note you might need to organize everything before you pack your apartment for a cross-country move.
Installing appropriate apps on your phone can help you with your cross-country move!

Seek some help for your move

There is no time to be hesitant about asking for help if you are moving in a week. Ask one or maybe more relatives or friends to assist you with moving and packing and don’t forget to thank them, both vocally and in other ways, like ordering pizza and some drinks.

When you have to pack your apartment for a cross-country move in just one week, hire reliable help

While you’re still there attempting to pack may be difficult, but it will significantly reduce your stress and free up your time. We advise you to check out to find the best moving company for yourself. It will be easier for you to have someone else do the heavy lifting while you’re looking for a new place for yourself!

Take fewer items

The less you have to move and pack when you’re short on time, the better. Toss whatever you can, especially anything that is no longer useful to you. That can be older clothes that you don’t need anymore. Sort the items into different piles, putting the most emphasis on recycling or giving it away. Even better if you have someone to pick up the items you want to give away and drop them off for you or store them until you are through packing.

Forget about form when you’re packing for a cross-country move in just one week

Boxes with clear labels and similar items are packed neatly together for the ideal transport. It’s completely acceptable to disregard organization when moving quickly and focus solely on getting all of your belongings. Place your dishes with your linens and your coffee maker’s cords with your electronics. As long as everything is packed, it doesn’t matter. But, you can have a smart way of packing and storing your book collection. Although you should still take care to carefully wrap objects in packing paper. Disorganized boxes are fine, but ones that include broken items are less so.

But, don’t overlook the specifics

When you have to move in less than a week, it’s crucial to take care of the basics. These include notifying the postal office of your new residence and setting up the transfer of your current home’s bills to your new residence. Unfortunately, if you move quickly, it’s possible that it won’t turn out to be precise, and you might wait a while for everything to be sent. If you have enough time, call a few people and kindly request that they speed up these services.

Pack a box of essentials when moving cross country

The items you’ll need right away for the first day or week in your new home should be packed in a separate box, duffel bag, or suitcase because your relocation will likely be chaotic. Add stuff like:

  • a fresh set of clothes
  • hygiene products
  • important documents like passports or financial documents
  • electronics and charging stations

You can avoid losing vital items in the hasty flurry that will follow your relocation by keeping an essentials box. The most important thing during a cross-country move in just one week is knowing how to deal with moving anxiety. Additionally, it will give you some time to unwind at your new home before you have to start digging through boxes to unpack.

Plan the utilities for your new residence

Once the dates are set, get in touch with your utility companies to arrange for coverage at your new residence. When you finally get there, you don’t want to find out that the water or power isn’t working. Make a reservation in advance, and document your demands in your moving file. Also, request service stops on the day you plan to vacate your existing residence at the same time.

Two people discussing something written on a piece of paper.
Don’t forget to carefully plan out your utilities when having a cross-country move!

Pack your art collection correctly when having a cross-country move in just one week

Ask your movers about special crating if you’re relocating valuable paintings. While packing your art collection mistakes can happen and you surely want to avoid them. Never use regular paper to wrap oil paintings because it will stick. The images should be wrapped in cardboard between each framed piece for safety and placed in a frame box with bubble wrap.

In conclusion

To conclude, packing your apartment for a cross-country move in just one week will be tough at times. But, we are sure that you can do it and begin a great next chapter of your life!

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