How to deal with moving anxiety

The relocation chaos. Well, that sounds familiar. The very thought of all the things that need to be done and handled, makes people think about giving up before they even started. But, it doesn’t really have to be so bad. Here are some tips on how to deal with moving anxiety, that’ll make things at least a bit easier.

1. A To-do list – the key to everything

People usually get stressed and overwhelmed by everything if they don’t have a plan. Relocation has to do with a lot of decision-making, organization, and calculations. And if you start doing it all without a plan, you can easily get confused and tired. That’s why creating the so-called to-do list is an excellent idea. Put your thoughts and all your tasks on a piece of paper. Write down everything that may be important and use that list as a reminder. What’s more, you can make separate checklists for every segment of the move. Create a room-by-room packing checklist a list of the important phone numbers, and a list of the tasks for every single day of your move.

A person is making a to-do list to deal with moving anxiety more successfully..
Know exactly what you should do.

2. Focus and make priorities – one way how to deal with moving anxiety

The best advice you can get is to stay focused. And, in order to do so, you need to make priorities. Decide what things should be done first and what you can leave for later. You don’t want to lose control, and doing two or three things at the same time will make a complete mess in both your head and your moving process. However, the one thing we always suggest doing first, before you research clever tricks on packing, is, of course, decluttering.

3. Don’t forget your routines

Relocation will make you feel like your home is completely turned upside down. And, in most cases, it will really look like that. That is why you need to keep at least some kind of order in your life. Try to focus on maintaining your daily routines. Your home may be a mess, and you probably don’t feel comfortable. However, in the outside world, you can keep doing everything you did before the relocation. Give your best when doing the tasks on your job. Go out and see your friends. Exercise regularly. And, of course, take care of your children. Devote enough time to them, and don’t forget that they also deal with some kind of moving anxiety during your relocation.

A young couple is playing with their child.
Don’t let your kids feel stressed.

4. Call for help

To be honest, completing the whole relocation process all by yourself is possible. However, if you want to learn how to deal with the moving anxiety, you shouldn’t rely on yourself only. And why would you? When has all sorts of relocation aids and advice you can imagine. Plus, relying on professionals when dealing with some moving issues will speed up the whole process. And, to make things fun, you can always call on your friends to do the moving preparations together. 


If you are worried about whether you can deal with moving anxiety successfully, know that it is possible and achievable. We have suggested just a few strategies, but there are many more. Yet, they are all based on the principles of good organization, professional assistance, prioritizing, and sticking to a plan and routines. Concentrate and find joy in this endeavor and a new beginning in your life.

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