Gadgets that will help you stay organized during a move

If you are planning on moving soon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about just how to make relocation easier and less stressful. The key to a stress-free relocation is staying organized. But this is not so easy if you are not experienced with moving. Relocation is a lot more than just packing your stuff and moving them to another place. It is a very complex process with lots of tasks which is why it can be stressful. But as relocation professionals, we have decided to help you out as much as possible by writing this article that talks about particular gadgets that you can use to stay organized during a move and make it as stress-free as possible.

Applications for your smartphone

We use our phones for everything we need every day. You might even be reading this on your smartphone right now. And when you are relocating from one home to another, using your smartphone as a helping gadget to stay organized during a move is what you should do. There are plenty of applications that you can download to your phone that can make relocation easier.

One way to do so is to download an app that helps you create a plan. You can download one that is specific for relocating as there are a couple of them. If you are not able to find those, you can download any organization-helping application. You can set reminders for things you need to do through these apps which is just what you need. Aas moving can be hectic, it is very easy to forget to finish a certain task. But when you have a phone to remind you to do something, forgetting is nearly impossible.

To do list on a smartphone.
Let your smartphone help you stay organized during a move.

Make sure that this moving plan of yours is detailed. Every detail of the move is an important one and should be included in your plan. Include as much useful information as you can as you are going to need all of it.

A website with useful information

Besides an app on your phone where you will plan your moving process, you must also get informed about the things you need. And we know a website you should visit. is where you will find lots of information about things related to relocation. For example, you can read about certain reliable moving companies, what services they offer, the pricing, why hiring movers is a good idea, and so on.

As you will be very busy the last few days before the actual move, you might not have the time to cook for yourself and your family. If that is the case, this website is where you will find meal delivery. If you are moving with pets, you should definitely think about insurance for them as well not just your things. And this website is where you will find it. All you might need in one place.

Label printer

When you are packing your home for a move, one thing you must do is label your boxes. There are plenty of advantages to doing so. For starters, it is going to help you stay organized during a move from one home to another. It is also going to make unpacking easier as you will know just where what is packed. But writing on boxes is not the best solution. This is why there is a gadget to make this task easier and safer for your belongings.

Labeled box.
Don’t forget to label your boxes correctly.

You can get a label printer and label your boxes professionally. With this printer, you can write a complete list of items that are inside a box. This will make relocation safer as well as you will know if something goes missing. Plus, if you are hiring moving assistance, you will make their job easier because they will know just what to handle with more care and just where to put the box when moving it into your new home. This will simplify your move and you will not regret making this small investment.

Portable security cameras

You can never be too safe. There are plenty of people who just wait for an opportunity to steal something. And if you live in a big city, there are a lot more than you think. This is why you should definitely consider investing in portable security cameras.

You can put one inside of the truck while it is being loaded and one above your door so that you can see if anybody besides your movers entered the home while your things were being moved. A lot of people have had unpleasant experiences when moving and one of the ways to prevent something like this from happening is to have security cameras. You never know who can pass by and just take something from the truck or your home unnoticed.

Security camera on a wall.
You will worry less if you have camera surveillance while moving.

A furniture dolly is a must-have

The main thing making relocating your belongings hard is big, heavy, bulky furniture. Carrying it is not easy. Even if you hire professional movers, some furniture can be so heavy that it is hard to carry around which can make relocation last a lot longer. This is why you should invest in a furniture dolly. It will make moving furniture around much easier. You will also not damage the floors by dragging the furniture if it is too heavy. This is a good gadget to have when you need to stage your home for sale.

This dolly can also be helpful for carrying multiple boxes at once which is another way to make relocation last shorter. As you will not have to carry heavy boxes and furniture, the chances of you getting injured while moving are lowered. This gadget not only makes your move easier but safer. And having a stress-free safe relocation is the best way to stay organized during a move as you will handle everything professionally.


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