Guide to staging your home for a spring sale

Staging your home is a great way to speed up the sale of your place. Spring is a perfect time to sell a home. That’s when the people are buying and the prices are in favor of homeowners. This is also a great time to do some minor work around the house before you sell it. Doing some work will also help you to speed up the process and so will hiring a realtor. Hiring professionals is always a good choice.

Staging your home

If you are preparing your home for home showings on your own, here is a quick guide to staging your home. We wrote by order so start from the first step and then continue :

  1. clean your home or hire professionals to deep clean it
  2. declutter the place as best as you can
  3. depersonalize (you can store your family pictures and such for now)
  4. focus on getting the house to look fresh (adding a coat of paint on walls will make the home look nice and fresh for example)
  5. remove any blackout curtains you have and let the light into the home
  6. fix any problems you might have with the lighting
  7. think about renting furniture if the place is empty
Plants on a table in a living room.
After you do all of this add some little details that make a house look like a home. Plants are a good example.

Furniture and why it is important

The empty house doesn’t look like a home. It looks, well, empty. It’s hard to imagine the true potential of an empty place. At least it’s hard for ordinary people. That’s why many people as a part of their house staging rent furniture so the others (potential homebuyers) can see the true potential of the place. You will need this only if you are selling your home empty. If you are selling it furnished you obviously won’t need this. In case you have a nice art collection you might want to consider storing it.

Short term storage

For home showings, you should consider short-term storage. That’s a part of your depersonalizing the place. But also you don’t want some household items to be in the home when people you don’t know start looking around. You should put some things away safely and that’s what short-term storage is for.

Cardboard boxes to prepare some of your items for short-term storage while staging your home.
Chances are you will need to put some things away just until you are done with selling your home.

Doing some work

Doing some work around the house (if needed) can make the place sell faster. You just need to see what needs to be done and see if it’s worth it. Maybe you will need a contractor. Hire one and ask for an estimate. Then you can figure out if doing some work will pay off. Anything you can do on your own without investing a lot of money and your time will surely be worth it. For the bigger things, you will need an opinion from a professional.

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