Questions to ask your movers before relocating in Miami

Moving in Miami is possible without hiring professional assistance but it is not something we would recommend ever doing. Relocating from one home to another or from one office to another is not as easy as it may seem at first. When you think about moving, you think of packing things into boxes and unpacking them after. But what’s in between these two tasks is the hardest part. And that is exactly what professional movers can help you with. But hiring just any company is not a good idea. You have to find reliable moving assistance. Find out what questions you need to ask your movers before relocating in Miami.

Movers need to have a license

The first thing you have to check is whether the moving company has a license. There is a special license for reliable moving companies. There are plenty of companies that do not have one yet are still operating and they are the ones you do not want to hire. If you want to find out which Miami moving companies have a license, you should surely go to Verified Movers. This is where you will find out a lot of useful information about licensed moving companies

Two people reading papers.
Check whether this company you want to hire has a license. If not, start searching for another option.

And if you are not able to find the moving company you are thinking of hiring on their website, you should directly ask the company whether they have a license and whether they can prove it. There are also ways you can use social media as a research tool.

Ask about their experience

A moving company that you can trust should have years of experience behind it. This way you will know that they have handled many different relocations and will be able to handle yours professionally as well. This is extremely important if you are moving any valuable items such as art sculptures, paintings, big musical instruments, or anything that falls into the special item category.

Tools and equipment

Moving with bare hands is not professional and is very unsafe. You do not want anyone getting injured, certainly not someone you hired to help you out. This is why you also have to ask your movers before relocating whether or not they have the necessary tools and equipment to handle your relocation. If they are experts ready to jump in and help, they should certainly have the needed tools to do so. Things they will certainly need are dollies, protective gear, and disassembling tools for your furniture.

Tools on the ground.
A lot of things are needed in order for a home to be relocated.

What special services do they offer?

Another thing you must remember to ask your movers before relocating is whether they offer any special services and are any of their services are considered special. For example, if you are moving to an apartment on the eleventh floor and some of your furniture is not able to fit in the elevator, will the carrying of this furniture up the stairs cost extra? You have to think a lot of things through before hiring movers and it is why asking these questions is important.

Some moving companies offer special services such as packing services. This means that you do not have to do the packing yourself, you can hire them to handle it for you. This is a service a lot of retirees hire as it makes moving easier. It won’t save you money when moving, but it sure does make moving ten times easier to handle.

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