Mistakes to avoid when packing your art collection for a move

If you are packing your art collection for a move, stop for a second and read this. This is not an easy task and it leaves room for mistakes. The ones you do not want and the ones that can be very expensive. Don’t worry, we know how to make everything easy and safe. You just need to relax and read on.

Common moving mistakes

The only way you can avoid mistakes is to know them. We will be focusing solely on the relocation of your art collection and leave the other moving mistakes for some other text. Moving art is not the same as moving the everyday household items that you can simply stuff into moving boxes and be on your merry way. The worst mistake people make is not protecting their art properly. Another moving mistake is believing that it will be fine if you organized a last-minute move. You need some time to relocate art.

Preparing and packing your art collection for a move

You will need more than some boxes. Any old box will do for packing your clothes but for your nice and pricy art collection, you will need something much better. Bubble wrap is known to be a great way of protecting anything that can easily be damaged. Packing paper is good for some things. No matter the cost you will need top-notch moving supplies. Any damage to your art collection can be very pricy so don’t save any money here. In fact, we know the best way to do this without taking any risks.

packing your art collection for a move and using packing paper
Packing paper is an oldie but goodie.

Hiring professional movers

Hiring professional movers is the best way to do this. They can help with packing your art collection for a move. In fact, they will do it better than you since they have years of training and they have the equipment to transport your art collection safely. You can leave your pieces in good hands and everything will be much easier.

Not all movers are the same

Not all movers can do this. You need to find the ones that have this additional service. It’s called “fine art moving” and those movers have different skills, training, and equipment. So when looking for movers to help you with your art collection check out their website and see if they have this service or you can call them and ask for yourself. Hiring movers can make any relocation less stressful.

A professional mover standing next to a moving van.
Movers will know how to deal with this.

Move your art separately

If you can do this. Move your art separately from the rest of your household items to avoid any possible mistakes and accidents. Of course, sometimes this is not an option so consider this as a friendly suggestion and see if you can make this work. If you are hiring movers then you can forget about this. They have their system for moving fine art and all you need to do is get moving insurance. Just in case.

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