How to make your relocation from NY to Florida less stressful

Moving is not a simple task and can make a person really nervous. You have to pack everything correctly, talk to movers, and take care of many more small details. In addition, you worry about if it is the correct choice for you and if people will accept you in your new home. But there’s no need to fret as North Miami Mover is here to help you! Coming your way are tips that will allow you to make your relocation from NY to Florida less stressful. Without further ado, let’s see what we’ve prepared for you!

Simplify your relocation from NY to Florida by learning about the Sunshine State

What usually makes us stressed is when we do not know what to expect. To be more confident about living in New York and lower your stress levels, you need to learn about Florida. Here is what awaits you in the Sunshine State.

  • First, when you move to Florida, you can expect your wallet to get a lot bigger. The cost of living in Florida is lower than the national average and living in New York is almost 100% more expensive than in Florida. So you will not need to save money on your relocation to the Sunshine State. 
  • Second, you will spend a lot more time outside than in the Big Apple because the Sunshine State has over 200 sunny days a year and no snow.
  • Finally, you will keep more of your salary because there is no state income tax in Florida, unlike NY. In addition, if you decide to retire in Florida, your retirement income will not be taxed. You can live your golden years comfortably in the Sunshine State, where the sun does not shine only on you but also on your finances. 
coconut tree on a sandy beach
Forget about the NY traffic and the bad quality of life on the sandy beaches of the Sunshine State.

Has this convinced you it’s time to swap NY for Florida? If so, count on experienced movers, for instance, to get you settled efficiently. For them, an interstate move will be like a walk in the park.

Make your relocation from NY to Florida less stressful by planning 

The second way to put your mind at ease about your move to the Sunshine State from NY is to have a timeline. Look below for a NY to Florida resettlement timeline. 

  • Eight weeks before the move to FL, start looking for the right interstate movers.
  • Six weeks before the relocation, commence looking for moving supplies in the Big Apple. 
  • Five weeks before the moving day, get everything settled in your job in NY and your new job in Florida. 
  • Schedule your utilities in Florida three weeks before the move.
a notebook
By sticking to a well-planned timeline, you will make your relocation from NY to Florida less stressful.

You’ll also want to start packing or trust the task to professionals who know how to do it efficiently. With a packing service, your items will reach your new place in Florida intact.


If you follow the tips above, you will certainly make your relocation from NY to Florida less stressful. And thanks to the simple relocation, you will have started your new life in the Sunshine State on the right foot.

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