Moving from Chicago to Florida with pets

Moving is not easy and it is stressful. There is so much to consider and worry about that you can become anxious and worried. If you are moving with pets things tend to get even more complicated. Unlike your things, pets have feelings and can get very stressed by the move so additional measures must be taken to make this process easier for your pets. The thing is even more troubling if you are moving long distances. Consider moving from Chicago to Florida with pets. Let’s see what is important to do when you are moving pets long distances.

Moving with pets 101

Transporting and moving with your pet is a complex task that requires a good plan that usually takes a long time to prepare. Moving pets requires preparation from the day you decide to move. You should think well ahead to circumvent and solve problems before they happen. You should know that there are some restrictions that you have to take into account.

For example, some dog breeds are not well suited for humid weather so you have to consider that before moving your Bulldog. You also have to take into account that Pit bulls are not welcome in certain states by law and legislation. You might be forced to give up your dog if you are moving to such a state. This all means that you have to prepare and do your research before the move.

A kitten in a basket
Make sure that your pets are prepared and safe for the move.

So, moving with a pet is not easy and demands adequate preparation. You should try and figure out things well in advance so consider:

  • The preparation of your pet,
  • The means of transportation/travel
  • Professional help
  • Transitioning after the move

Preparation period

Any change of scenery and living conditions can cause severe stress for your pet. To avoid this and help them transition you should make the effort of preparing them well in advance. Try bringing in packing materials and transporters, kennels, crates out early. This will help your pet get accustomed to these things beforehand and make them familiar. Try to leave one room intact until the last day to create a haven for your pets during the moving chaos to avoid trauma.

Use this time to research the legislation and requirements regarding pets at your destination.  For example, Florida’s legislation requires both cats and dogs to have a CVI stating they are free from signs of infectious or communicable disease, do not originate from a rabies quarantine area, and do not have a history of exposure to a rabies-infected animal. Dogs and cats 3 months and older must have a current rabies vaccination. Contact your vet to get this information and also start transferring your pet’s medical records.

Means of transport

Decide on the way your pet will be transported. The vets do not recommend travel by plane as it can be too stressful for your pet. Traveling by car is the best solution as the pet will already be accustomed to it. Use the kennel and crates to transport your pet in any case. If it’s not possible use harnesses to tie your pet in a car to keep them safe. Try to keep them calm and not use medication. The crates should be big enough to allow your pet to sit, stand and lie down comfortably. Try driving your pets around before the move. Gradually increase the duration of these drives to make them accustomed to this way of travel especially if you will be moving long-distance

A cat in a pet carrier
You should be sure to follow the regulations and rules regarding pet transport

If you must travel by plane make sure to prepare well for this process. Make sure you understand the airline’s regulations and requirements. For smaller pets, you may have to pay extra to have them in the cabin with you. For other pets, you must provide a suitable crate that is up to the airline’s standards. You must also provide additional markings so that person knows how to handle the crate. In addition, your pet must have all of its contact data and rabies records tied on its collar in case it runs away.


Professional pet moving companies specialize in providing all kinds of moves for pets. They are especially valuable for long-distance or international moves. If you are moving from Chicago to Florida with pets you might consider using professional help. These movers will know the ins and outs of the pet moving process and will do it with minimal problems. Some will arrange for pick up and drop off your pet at desired addresses. Others will drive your pets personally to and from the airport.

Movers like Raffe M0vers can offer a variety of services so do your research. Movers usually cooperate with pet movers so ask around but make sure that they are registered with the Department of Agriculture to be on the safe side. During international moves, these professionals will handle and acquire all of the necessary permits and quarantines that may be required by law.

After the move

You should make extra effort to help your pet transition and adapt after the move. If your pet traveled in cargo examine it. Inspect if it has been injured or dehydrated and take the necessary steps if so. Consider that your pet is in unfamiliar surroundings and that it has to get used to it. Try to take things slow and be patient. Give it time and provide support to your pet. Also, try to ease your pet into the new living regime and atmosphere. Take small steps in exploring your new surroundings, neighborhood, and other animals. Buy them housewarming toys to help the transition.

A dog laying on the floor, looking at the camera
Take care of your pet’s needs during the move. Help them through it and ease their transition process.

Moving with pets can be difficult and stressful. But, as with any move the key is in planning. Do your research on pet relocation and learn all you can so you can make a rational plan, you will need it for moving from Chicago to Florida with pets. Making a good plan and contemplating all aspects of the move well in advance will be key to a successful and stress-free move.

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