Clever ways to pack liquids

Part of moving is packing, and part of packing is packing liquids, which is not easy, especially if you are moving a bar, for example. Are there safe ways to pack liquids? Yes, you are not the only person with this need. Liquids need special attention and packing materials, but it is possible to transport them without damages.

Smart ways to pack liquids when moving

Liquids are one of the first items to unpack after moving to a new home, but before that, you need to pack them properly. If you are moving locally, then you should worry that much. Just pack liquids in moving boxes and transport carefully, but it is different if moving long-distance.

  • Get rid of liquids that are not necessary and that cannot be moved. For example, if a container is damaged or it is expired or almost empty.
  • When transporting chemicals, use plastic bins instead of cardboard ones. If they spill during transportation, a cardboard box won’t protect the rest of the items because it will get wet. This is one of the ways to pack liquids and keep them safe.
  • Protect plastic bins with garbage bags or towels, this will add another layer of protection. A bag or a towel will be a barrier if liquids get spilled somehow.
  • Apply a piece of tape over a container and tight the lids just to make sure it won’t open when moving – make sure nothing can leak.
  • Place the container with a liquid in a zipper storage bag or a couple of containers and keep all the bottles upright and then seal the bag.
  • Label every box, but especially boxes with liquids inside. This way you will know what to unpack first and your movers will keep special attention to these boxes. Write drinks/fragile, or cleaning supplies on top and on at least one side of the box.
Looking for ways to pack liquids from a bar.
If you are moving a bar or a restaurant, you will need to transport a lot of drinks, so better find safe ways to pack liquids

Don’t mic drinks with chemicals!

No matter if you are having a long-distance move in FL or a local one, don’t ever pack drinks and chemicals in the same box. Separate those liquids and then pack them in separate boxes. A box with edible liquids and cleaning chemicals, for example, and label each box.

A bottle of a poison.
If you need to transport chemicals that are dangerous, make sure you are allowed to transport them first

You can’t move all liquids

Some of the liquids are hazardous, which means that those items are forbidden for moving. So first, make sure you can transport everything you wanted before packing it. Some of the prohibited items are explosives, flammable gases, poisons, open bottles of chemicals, varnishes, lighter fluid, pool chemicals, propane tanks, etc. There are no ways to pack liquids that are dangerous without special permits. Some items are easier to dispose of than to transport.

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