Exploring Your New Neighborhood After the Move

Welcome to the new neighborhood! Experiencing something new such as getting to know a new environment and meeting new people, is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why it’s best to read our tips on exploring your new neighborhood after the move, so you can be ready for this step and welcome the new chapter in your life with ease.

Start exploring your new neighborhood even before the move

It’s a great idea to visit the location even before the move. However, with long-distance or international moves, that’s not always possible. Luckily, we live in the age of the Internet and have easy access to all the information we need. You can virtually explore your new neighborhood and find out everything you want. This is a good step in preparing for your arrival. Getting around and exploring after the move will be so much easier. Visit your neighborhood through online maps, and see what the facilities and landmarks you’ll be able to enjoy after you arrive are. This can actually improve your mental health when moving! Also, social media can be of great help. For example, if you’re moving to Toronto, you can search and follow hashtags such as #toronto, #torontorestaurants, #livetoronto, etc.

Take a walk

After you move in, the first thing you can do is take a walk around your new neighborhood. It’s the best way to explore and see the true spirit of the place. Taking a walk will give you the idea of how close certain areas are, what are supermarkets/ restaurants nearby, etc. You can do it with your family or dog – furry friends love sniffing and exploring new areas. If you’re renting a place, for now, walking around your neighborhood can help you see some great homes on sale in this area. This is the search you can start online and then visit the homes after you arrive.

Be friendly to your neighbors

 It’s nice to introduce yourself as a new neighbor to the people who live around you. Even though some of them may come first, don’t wait until they do that but go, say hello, and meet your new neighbors. It’s essential to be friendly and open, ready to ask and answer questions. Having your friendly ETG Moving and Delivery professionals around moving your things might confuse your neighbors. Every neighbor will appreciate a new familiar face in the building/street, so you can try to be the one. Meeting your neighbors also lets you ask more about the place and get recommendations or even warnings about potential issues.

Visit the local shops

Small stores in the area are also another excellent opportunity to meet new people and find out more about the neighborhood. Instead of making all online purchases, use this time to go around the area and shop locally. It’s a sign that you appreciate the neighborhood and that you support the local businesses.

Join the local events

We mentioned that social media could help you discover what’s going on in your new neighborhood. Use it to find out if there are some local events, charities, markets, etc., where you can participate as a new community member. It’s an excellent method to meet new people and talk to the locals about their thoughts and concerns about neighborhood security. Volunteering is also a way to get involved and show that you care about the place you’ve just moved to. You’ll help out and meet people with similar interests.

Continue with your routines

There’s no reason why you wouldn’t continue with the routines you had before the move just because everything is unfamiliar at the moment. Use the map of your new place to figure out the best way to continue going to the gym, park, etc. Find out the best commute to reach your office and the location of other daily necessities – doctor’s office, vet, bank, gas station, etc. Doing all these daily tasks may be different now, but you’ll get used to it very soon. You can use some gadgets to help you move stress-free too!

Check out the best outdoor spaces

For those who find it hard to constantly explore and meet new people, moments of solitude in a new city can be precious. Find out the best green spaces in the area and go for a bit of me-time in nature. Introverts might find it hard to adapt to the new environment and people, so these moments can be valuable and peaceful. No matter where in the US you have moved to, for example to Boca Raton, there are always green spaces that you can find in your area. All you need to do is simply look around.

Find familiar faces

If there are old friends, family, or co-workers that happen to live in the new neighborhood/city, don’t be afraid to reach out. Meeting a familiar face can help you feel more secure and relaxed. It’s also a great way of exploring your new neighborhood after the move. People who already live there can share some valuable information and be there for you in the movement of adapting to the new environment.

Remember: it’s okay to miss the old place and people you had there. That’s a natural way to deal with all the changes coming your way. Try to keep in touch with the people from your old city, but at the same time try to explore and embrace the place where you’re now.

Build some new habits

Moving to a new place is a great moment to start with some new habits or hobbies you’ve thought about for so long. Break free from all the bad habits in this new environment and get involved in something exciting and new. Meeting new people can be very helpful in starting fresh and making this chapter of your life better than the previous one. Thus, exploring your new neighborhood after the move can come with plenty of advantages, one of which is a chance to build a whole new life.

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