Florida to Texas road trip: how to make a perfect budget plan

Florida to Texas road trip will squeeze money out of you, won’t it? You’ve got some distance ahead, 1,367 miles, to be more precise. In case you’ve moved so far, you’re aware of the fact that mileage is crucial when calculating the cost of the move. However, moving to the Lone Star State doesn’t have to cost as much as you expect with a good organization and plan. By following our instructions, you’ll get to have inexpensive relocation (as far as it gets) and reap the benefit on a moving day.

How to Florida to Texas road trip on a budget?

First and foremost, a perfect budget plan implies hiring professional help, so don’t run from it. With movers at your disposal, your expenses will be, and trust us when we say this, considerably less in amount. To save on your interstate move from Florida, you cannot rush with the decision, certainly not pick the first company that you saw, but more of that later. Remember, you’re looking for an affordable move. Now, let’s see how to achieve that.

Good organizational skills are the key

Don’t be discouraged if you lack those because we’ve practically made a plan for you. The first thing to determine before calling movers is a moving date. In this, precision is valued, and it will trim unnecessary spending, hooray! As regards your final decision, you’d want to leave aside your preferences. There are some rules to follow, that is avoiding relocating during the peak season, holidays or at the end of the month. The middle of the month and weekdays are the way to go.  The more time you spend on the road, the more you will end up paying. Besides, the great thing is that moving before the summer enables you to enjoy it at your new home.

To do list hung on the blackboard
For you to have an affordable move it is necessary to be organized throughout the whole process.

Moving preparations before Florida to Texas road trip takes place

Before giving a call to reputable movers, there are other things to take care of aside from determining the date. If you want to spend less money, you’ll have to take upon yourself one part of the moving process, that is moving preparations. Although tedious, packing is not that hard, but before getting down to business, make sure to know what is asked of you.

To pack properly, you need to get acquainted with the process, believe it or not. For that purpose, as advised by expert packers Small World Moving Texas we’ve prepared a list concerning the things to pay attention to.

  • find adequate packing supplies, including securing materials
  • read how to pack fragile objects, instruments, etc.
  • measure your belongings
  • check the size and weight limits of boxes
  • label boxes
  • read on how to pack oversized objects (but the best would be to leave them to movers)

To obtain more information on either packing or moving in general, you can browse North Miami Mover and skim through our blogs.

Decluttering is a savior

When you start the process of decluttering,  get rid of things you don’t need, which will save you money. How? The weight of your belongings is important in calculating the cost as well. So, instead of packing unnecessary things give them away to charities, or even better sell them. Maybe save some of that money for the moving day. Having a yard sale is a great way to do it!

Woman carrying and selecting boxes for a Florida to Texas road trip.
Don’t transport things that you don’t need, but rather sell them and save on moving costs.

Choose affordable movers

As we’ve mentioned earlier, hiring professionals is far better than self-moving. The DIY is often considered cheaper, and in some cases, that proves to be true, but when it comes to cross-country relocation, don’t be so sure about it.

However, you need to put some effort into the search to prevent overpaying when relocating to Texas. Local moving companies can get their estimate on the cost of the relocation, so start from there, then compare and finally decide. But, if you decide to settle in here, the first thing to do is searching for a company that operates long-distance.

Only after can you consider the cost of their services. The most important thing is that they’ll help you move in trouble-free as though you were magically transported from Florida to TX. You won’t feel a thing! Additionally, the sheer experience of entering a new home will be much more appreciated when you’re not stressed out.

Florida to Texas road trip calls for reputable movers

Don’t forget that quality is what matters the most. So, don’t be blinded by numbers (except if it’s the number of positive comments or the like). You want a job well done and your belongings undamaged. And after a long journey, you’d like to finish as soon as possible, right? 

It’s not all about choosing a city in Texas or a house. As a matter of fact, deciding on the right moving company is a challenge enough. Browsing reviews is a good thing to start with. In that way, you will easily find respectable companies, then find out if they’re doing long-distance moves, and finally, make a selection based on your budget.

Mover holding a box and showing a thumb up
Picking a reputable but still, affordable moving company guarantees you a heavenly move.

Ask for discounts

Moving companies often have some discounts, so don’t miss the opportunity to grab them. You can obtain a reduced rate during winter, for instance, or other specific times of the year. Note that if you’re a military servant or veteran, some companies will give a discount to the whole family, yet another thing to prevent you from rushing when making up your mind.

Have a nice trip!

These steps should be more than enough for you to have a carefree move. Not much left to say except that we hope you’ll have a nice Florida to Texas road trip and enjoy the Lone Star state, whatever your destination is, to the fullest.

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