How to prepare your teenage kids for moving abroad

If you are moving from one country to another, it will be very stressful and complicated. Not only for you but also for the entire family. In one way, it is easier not to move alone, on the other way, your kids may be sad because they are leaving everything behind. Teens are especially sensitive, so how to prepare your teenage kids for moving abroad?

What you’re dealing with

Usually, they are angry and sad because they are leaving friends, school, and the environment they already know. It is a big step for them and a challenge. Their whole life will be different in another country. Even if you are moving within the same country, moving from coast to coast not abroad, a problem with adjusting will be there. When children are involved in moving overseas, you need to be extra careful.

A globe.
Where you will move with your kids? Explore that country together

Also, you will need more time to organize relocation, more money, and of course, more energy. The key is, not to wait by telling them about relocation. Tell them the news as soon as possible. Even if there is an option to move when you are not 100% sure you are moving.

Tips – prepare your teenage kids for moving abroad

How to act and how to help your kids prepare for moving overseas? Here are some pointers to help you out.

  • Give your kids a voice and let them express their opinion and emotions. Your kids may have some ideas, so listen to them and talk to them. With a good and quality conversation, you can prepare your teenage kids for moving abroad.
  • Include your kids in the process. Moving is not just packing. Explore a new city together, ask them to choose a school they like. Let them furnish their own rooms, search for homes together, etc. If you are moving from KSA to the USA learn a language together and learn more about the state in the USA where you are moving to.
  • See things from a child’s-eye view and try to understand them completely. Maybe their problems seem ridiculous to you, but for them, they are the biggest problems in their lives.
  • Friendships are important generally, especially for teens. This will be one of the hardest things they will make – leaving their friends. Help them stay in touch with their old friends and embrace that. Long-distance friendships are hard, but they are possible to last.
  • Be honest and set clear expectations. Tell your kids why you are moving and what to expect after moving abroad. Finding out later that your parents lied to you is harder, conversation is key.
  • Help them pack their items, but don’t do it instead of them.
A woman looking on a lap top how to prepare your teenage kids for moving abroad.
Your kids can make a list of things they want to see and try after moving

To prepare your teenage kids for moving abroad, you will need time and patience. For some parents, it will be easier, for others it will be harder. It depends on the kids and what they want. Take your time and calm down. If you are upset, your kids will be too.

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