From Riyadh to Miami: how to adapt to a new lifestyle

Moving overseas is a big step and a complicated process. Not only because of transporting your items and preparing all the paperwork but also because of adjusting to a new culture. When moving from KSA to the USA, in this case, from Riyadh to Miami – after moving, everything will be different when it comes to the lifestyle. People in America live completely differently from people in Saudi Arabia. They have a different language, tradition, culture, rules, laws, dress-code, etc.

Prepare for the big move

People are moving because of job, education, love, family, wanting to try something new…no matter what your reason is for this relocation, you will have an adjusting period. Even if it is vice versa, if you are moving from Miami, FL to SA, you will also need time to adapt to a new culture. Be open to new things and mentally prepared.

Stages of culture shock after moving are:

  1. The honeymoon stage, when you are overwhelmed, excited, and some people may feel a sense of great enthusiasm.
  2. The crisis stage usually comes after the honeymoon phase and after you settle into a daily routine. Euphoria will fade and challenges of adjustment will be on daily basis.
  3. Some people avoid frustrations and anxieties and deny them by reading books, cleaning the house, and keeping themselves busy. It is a flight stage when you may deny reality.
  4. And the final stage is integration. You will start to balance out and you begin to adjust to a new culture after moving from Riyadh to Miami. In this stage, you will be able to enjoy American customs, hang out with other people, and be relaxed.
A man sitting by the window after moving from Riyadh to Miami
Some people are feeling depressed and homesick after moving to a new country, be mentally prepared for this big step

Transporting your items from Riyadh to Miami

Before you settle in, you should pack and move, of course. Moving internationally is not easy and you will need a helping hand from professional movers. You should choose the best mode of overseas cargo transportation and choose a reliable and experienced company in Riyadh.

In most cases, when people are moving to another continent, they move only the essentials. But even in that case, you will need someone to transport it via air or sea. Research companies, ask for recommendations, read online reviews, verify the company’s information, and make sure all your possession will arrive on time and un-damaged. Local experts, Four Winds Saudi Arabia is one of the companies you should consider hiring and contacting.

Pack properly

Keep in mind that your items will “travel” for a couple of weeks, so they need some extra protection, especially if you are moving fragile and sensitive items. Packing is more complicated in this situation, you need sturdy boxes, protection, and maybe even specialized packing material.

If you find assistance for this task, you can be sure that your items will arrive undamaged, in one piece to Miami from Riyadh. Separate items you want to move, and get a moving estimate. Also, make sure to insure your items because you never know what can happen during the transportation, it is a long process.

Riyadh at night.
Find a professional moving company from Riyadh to help you move with ease

Shipping a car overseas

Shipping a car from KSA to Florida is possible, but you will need experts in this field. Besides preparing documentation and cleaning up your vehicle, you need to hire a shipping company to transport your vehicle trouble-free. When it comes to the costs, you will pay for the sole use of a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. 

Adjust to life after moving to a different country

Note that South Florida is interesting to Middle Eastern investors, but at the same time, many people want to move and live there. The weather is nice, it is affordable (compared to other bigger cities in the USA), the beaches are beautiful, the food is delicious, the job market is strong, and there is always something happening. Here are some simple tips on how to adjust to a new lifestyle.

Research the culture of Miami

Before you move, research the culture of Miami and know what to expect after moving. Understand standards of behavior and learn cultural etiquette. The transition will not be easy. People are different, the language is different, so you will need time to adapt. Online you can find out many useful facts about living in Miami as an ex-pat.

Accept that you might feel homesick

Expect that you will probably feel nostalgic, but it does not mean you should quit and move back to KSA. It is normal, especially if you are moving alone, without family. Also, don’t let homesickness keep you from enjoying your new home and exploring new things. Find ways to make yourself feel better, enjoy the beach, talk to your friends and family back home, decorate a new apartment, etc.

Get out and explore the city

Miami is known for beaches, fun, events, bars, beautiful nature, restaurants…So, you will have plenty of things to visit, see, and try. Find your new favorite spot in the city, spend a day on the beach, visit museums, galleries, just have fun and see what Miami has to offer. It is completely different from Riyadh.

Miami panorama
Miami is different and fun, there is always something to do

Meet new people

Go out with your co-workers, ask them to show you Miami, meet your neighbors. Locals always know places where to shop, eat, relax, and you can learn a lot from them. This way, you won’t be alone in a foreign country and you will adjust much faster. Socializing is important. To meet more people, volunteer, join some club or invite neighbors to coffee.

Try new things

Say YES to new things after moving from Riyadh to Miami. If someone invites you to dinner or drink after work, go out, why not. If you have never tried to play football or baseball, now it is time. Try new food, it is the best way to learn about people and their traditions.

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