Top 3 Florida cities to start a business

Are you looking for a new location in Florida for your business? Being a business owner is not easy, and the right location is a key to a successful business, especially if clients need to come to your office. This state has many different places to offer, but we have chosen the 3 best Florida cities to start a business.

Why Florida?

What are the benefits of starting a business in Florida and why business are choosing this state? Some of the main reasons are:

  • Low costs of living
  • Affordable taxes
  • Strong labor market
  • Strong economy
  • High quality of life
  • Infrastructure
  • Trade
  • Tourism

Considering moving your business to North Miami or to another part of Florida? First, make sure to explore the area, the market, competition, office locations, etc. There are so many different factors to consider when opening a business somewhere. Not only in FL.

A beach in FL.
Florida is not only a place that offers wonderful beaches. It is also a place to start a business

Best Florida cities to start a business

Location, location, location! The most important factor for businesses. Of course, Florida has more than 3 cities to offer, but, these are some of the best you should explore for your business needs.

#1 Orlando

The biggest Disneyland in the world is located in Orlando, but it is not the only thing this city has to offer. Transportation and education are also industries that are important to the economy. Housing is affordable and the unemployment rate is low, which is a good sign. It has a population of almost 300k and you will probably find your place here. To make commercial relocation easier, trained teams can handle this task and help you out.

#2 Tampa

Tampa is located in Hillsborough County, FL where manufacturing is developed. Tampa also has many restaurants, beauty salons, computer service companies, bars, etc. Also, if you decide to settle in this area besides opening a business, you should explore movers from this area. Tampa is a big city with many families and young professionals. 

A team discussing Florida cities to start a business.
Create a business plan with a team of experienced people that can help you start a business in Florida

#3 Miami

Tourism, commerce, technology, real estate, gastronomy, everything is booming in Miami. Organize your commercial relocation to Miami, safely move your business documentation, goods, office equipment and start fresh. Miami has a huge number of tourists every year, which may be good for your business. A half of million people live in Miami and it is a very diverse place. Retirees, young professionals, students, teens, families, all love Miami. Not to mention its beautiful beaches.


Explore other Florida cities to start a business to be sure about your decision. After all, it is a big financial investment. Create a good business plan and gather a group of people you trust. Good luck with your business and finding the right location.

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