Cross country move: 3 main differences between Florida and California

Moving from Florida to California or vice versa is a complicated endeavor. It is a stressful activity that takes time and preparation to do right. This so-called cross-country move is complex and can’t be done in a DIY fashion and without detailed planning. It is an unknown and it causes worrying and stress. So a good preparation and planning for an interstate move are critical. Even more so if you are moving from coast to coast having to adapt to many differences. In this case, both Florida and California are beach states and popular tourist destinations. However, they have their differences and you will have to adapt to them.

The differences

Although similar CA and FL have their differences. It is not noticeable at first but these differences are there:

  • Lifestyle and nightlife, culture, and entertainment are more dynamic in CA. As an entertainment capital, it has a taste for a dynamic lifestyle and popular culture. Florida is the opposite.
  • CA is the largest economy in the US and is very expensive. Florida however is much cheaper to live in. It offers a more laidback atmosphere, slower and beautiful and diverse nature and scenery.
  • Although they are both beach states you will find California more comfortable. The climate is much less humid making it more comfortable and enjoyable to spend time outside and enjoy the beaches.
A row of trucks for a cross country move
Your cross country move requires professional help and a serious and reputable company

Cross country moving

Well, you must not be fooled, the cross country move is a tiring process and it is hard. It demands good planning and special care when organizing. This planning process has to be done in detail so you can anticipate and solve any problems that may occur before they happen. Detailed planning will also help you organize an interstate move and calculate the cost of your move as this type of move can be quite expensive. Some of the most important aspects of the plan are:

  • Decide on professional help
  • Define your time frame
  • Inventory your stuff, pack and move

Professional help

Hiring professionals is a must in cross-country moving. many professionals offer a wide variety of services that are essential for an interstate move. Note that Mod Movers CA is well equipped and experienced in these matters and is a very reputable company for example. In choosing your movers, however, you have to be wise.

San Francisco bridge
California is a larger economy and a more dynamic place than FL

It is important to read up on their reviews, references, and recommendations. Research them online and make an on-site visit to assess them. This is important as it will help you choose reputable movers that can safely handle your move.

Inventory and packing

Make sure you know what things you are moving. Some of your stuff you can get rid of as you won’t need them. This will make your move cheaper so give or donate stuff away. However, due to the similarities between California And Florida you still may keep the majority of your things. Then get the necessary supplies to pack these items securely.

Good packing will ensure that everything is moved safely. Keep in mind that many moving companies in CA and other states can provide additional services like professional packing so don’t miss out if you can afford it. Their trained people can take care of transport, packing, insurance, and storage if needed.

A storm on a Florida beach
The weather is one of the aspects that create the difference between FL and CA

Time frame

You should also define a precise timeframe for your preparation. It takes time to relocate your entire life from one coast to the other. To manage that time you should make a schedule and stick to it. Research on how to do it and find additional resources on long-distance move online. So, a cross country move is difficult to execute but it is doable. You must know how to plan and prepare it. But, if you know why you need to move from CA to FL, it will be easier. The right motivation will help you do it with less stress.

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