Fun facts about Coral Gables even locals don’t know

Located not far away from downtown Miami, Coral Gables is one of the best places in Florida to move to. There are plenty of things that make living here amazing. For starters, its’ location. Living so close to Miami is a huge plus no matter your age. This means you can commute to work to Miami every day but not be paying a lot of money for housing. Yes, this indicates Coral Gables is an affordable place when it comes to real estate. But these are all the things you already knew about Coral Gables. We want to tell you some fun facts about Coral Gables even locals don’t know. There are a couple of things and they might just be the ones why you end up falling in love with this place and never wanting to leave.

It is one of the safest cities in the area

One thing not a lot of people are aware of is the fact that Coral Gables is one of the safest cities in the area. There are plenty of neighborhoods here to consider moving to. We believe that no matter which one you choose, you will not regret making that decision. No wonder why this is one of the most desirable Miami neighborhoods.

Family at the beach.
Moving to Coral Gables with a family is nothing but a good idea since this is a very safe place to live in.

There is not a single neighborhood we wouldn’t recommend moving to. But even if you do end up not liking the neighborhood you moved to, moving professionals are at your disposal and you can relocate locally in the city very easily with their assistance.

Dozens of hidden beaches

One of the best facts about Coral Gables is that there are plenty of hidden beaches to explore after moving to the city. You will surely first visit the most popular ones where everyone goes to. But there are plenty of small underrated beaches we believe you should go to.

Buying a beach house in Coral Gables is a possibility if you have enough money for that. There are houses that also include a part of the beach so you might end up having a private beach just for you and your family.

beach view.
Exploring the beaches will be your favorite activity after moving to Coral Gables.

Living near the coast is fun, especially if you have children. They will love it! And you can move to a beach home in Coral Gables from anywhere in the state with Miami Movers for Less professional moving company.

Interesting flora and fauna

If you are a nature lover, Coral Gables is the place you definitely need to move to. This is where you will be able to encounter so many different species of animals and insects as well as plants. Exploring your surrounding is a lot of fun when living in Coral Gables. This is why this is one of the best small Florida towns for people with children. Living here is a lot of fun.

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