Smart ways to sort documentation and get it ready for office relocation

Office relocation can be a bit tricky. It’s a tad different from your personal relocation. Of course, there is no need to do it all on your own, you can hire professional movers and make this relocation easy. One thing that you need to do on your own is sorting documentation. This is the most important part. Movers can do the heavy lifting, even the packing, but this is something just for you.

The first step

You should start by gathering in one place all the documentation you have. Start with sorting. Find all the papers that are not important. See if there is anything that doesn’t belong here? If there is something that you no longer need throw it away. There is no need to bring unnecessary papers with you. Don’t forget to recycle, don’t just throw them in the trash can. People sometimes forget that part in a hurry and it’s very important. If some of the unnecessary documents are confidential make sure to read them first.

Sorting before office relocation

This is very important. Sort all the documents and paperwork. Make dedicated piles. One pile can be personnel information and documentation. One can be the bills, utilities, and recites. While sorting piles make sure to sort them by date. Usually, this is the most common way of sorting paperwork. Of course, you can always sort them by importance if the date doesn’t work for your business. Another thing for you to pay extra attention to is dividing external and internal files. Don’t mix those. Sorting will make packing easier for you. Also if you missed something in your decluttering phase you will have a closer look now while separating the papers. This will be a chance to throw out all unnecessary papers you might have.

A pile of various documents before office relocation
Making piles is the way to go. This will make packing easier later on.

Sorting confidential files for office relocation

Those need to be sorted differently and separately from everything else. No one should have access to those. So make sure to pack them accordingly. Find small safes with good quality locks in order to transport them safely. If they are extremely confidential consider relocating just those on your own.

A woman with a protective mask pointing to someone to be quiet
Pay special attention to confidential papers.

Be prepared

In order to be fully prepared make checklists. You can do them in excel. There are apps that can help you with the organization before the move but they are not as effective for documents, that’s why checklists are great. If you are not sure what to do with all those documents while you are still remodeling your new office space, try finding some reliable Records Storage Services. This can be an easy solution for that short period of time. Just make sure that your documents are still nearby in case you need something in a hurry.

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