Leaving Seattle for Miami – how to pack breakables for a move

Moving is a demanding task that can take a lot of time, especially when you are moving from coast to coast. Besides needing a lot of time to execute, it can also be stressful. The stress is even heftier when it comes to packing breakables. Fragile things are usually expensive and can hold sentimental value. To help you with getting all of your stuff in one piece when leaving Seattle for Miami, we have an article on how to pack breakables for a move.

Planning and making a checklist

No matter if you are more East Coast or West Coast, before leaving Seattle for Miami and packing your breakables, we have to make a plan and a list. Planning involves accessing the situation and creating a checklist that we will follow while packing our fragile belongings. The first thing we will have to put on our list is what breakables do we have in our home.

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Start by making a checklist to help you back breakables when leaving Seattle for Miami

For example:

  • When leaving Seattle for Miami, one of the breakables are going to be glasses
  • Electrical appliances
  • Artwork
  • Plates
  • Furniture…

So you should go around your house and write down all of your breakable things. The second thing after you finished the list is to see what type of packing supplies we will need based on your breakable belongings. Third, we will have to plan out where to get our packing supplies. Forth, we will have to pack out breakables correctly. Finally, deciding how to transport our fragile things.

Leaving Seattle for Miami – get good packing supplies for your breakables

In this paragraph, we are going to talk about the best packing supplies for your fragile belongings. Quality packing supplies are essential because they are the only thing that protects your breakables. Let’s go over some of them:

  • To protect your breakables when leaving Seattle for Miami, get good-quality boxes. When it comes to breakables, don’t use flimsy boxes. The boxes have to be sturdy so that they can keep their integrity during transportation. Weak boxes will break apart, and your stuff will break. If they are still inside your house, you should get the original boxes for your belongings. Of course, make sure that they are in good condition. You can use divided containers for your glasses.
  • Get the right cushioning. Cushioning will stop your breakables from moving around and bumping during transportation, so get as many as you can. You can use packing paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, blankets, packing peanuts…
  • You will also need labeling supplies and a labeling system. For labeling supplies, you can get sticky notes and markers. You can go a simple route with just sharpies and writing things directly on the boxes. When it comes to labeling systems, you can label moving boxes in many ways. For example, you can use a color system, label by room, by the things that are inside them…
  • The final things you should get are tape and a tape dispenser. Don’t choose cheap duck tape because it can make or break your move. Go for better quality tapes because they will keep your boxes together while they are being moved cost to cost.

Where to purchase packing supplies

Now pacing supplies can generally be reused. However, when it comes to breakables, you should get new ones. Now is not the time to be saving money on supplies because the damage to your fragile belongings can be greater than your savings. So you better visit one of many websites that offer quality packing supplies for reasonable prices. Hansenbros.com can also get you good packing supplies or even conduct your packing for you. It will be faster and safer.

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The fastest way to get moving supplies if your friends can’t help you is to buy them in a store

Leaving Seattle for Miami – how to pack breakables

Now that we have gone over what packing supplies we need and where to get them, let’s get to packing. If you are packing breakables on your own, it will be hard work. It will require a lot of patience.

Gather all of your moving supplies. Before you put anything in the boxes, secure the bottom with tape. This will make the boxes sturdier. Now in the bottom of the boxes but a layer of cushioning. It can be bubble wrap, blankets… This will prevent your breakable from touching the hard bottom of the box. Now, heftier things should be first. By putting heavier stuff in first, it will give the box a strong base. Then put in the lighter belongings. Before putting anything in, make sure that the things are wrapped nicely. Put extra cushioning on the mug holder, stems of glasses. When everything is in the boxes, make sure to fill in any gaps. Don’t overfill boxes because they make break apart during the move.

Deciding on transport

When it comes to transport, you can do it yourself. Rent a reliable moving truck from a reputable renting company and drive it yourself. But in this case, you should hire a moving company, because transport is not an issue for them. ( The distance between Seattle and Miami is about 3.300 miles. That is a 48- hour drive that can make you tired. When you are tired, you are more prone to mistakes, more prone to destroying your breakables. However, a moving company with coast to coast moving experience will handle everything with ease. While they are transporting your stuff from Seattle to Miami, you can take a fast plane ride.

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On short notice, a truck will be expensive to rent


Breakables are very hard to pack and need precision. When leaving Seattle for Miami, no matter how careful you are you will lose some of your belongings. Be prepared for that.

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