How much time you’ll need to prepare for relocation to New Jersey

If you’ve ever been through a move, you will know that preparing for a move takes a lot of time. But, it isn’t necessarily obvious how long it takes exactly to properly plan and organize a move. A lot of people assume that just a couple of weeks is enough to organize a move, and while that can be the case it varies heavily depending on situation. In truth, the ideal time to prepare a move is anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. So, in order to prove this, we have put together a guide on how much time you’ll need to prepare for relocation to New Jersey. We hope you find it helpful.

6 – 8 weeks before the move – declutter and start packing

The first step to preparing for your relocation should be packing. Packing is the lengthiest part of the moving process, and as such you should start it as early as possible. Especially since you need to prepare for a move from Miami to New Jersey, you need to go through your belongings and decide what you will bring with you. Additionally, you need to prepare yourself for the change in climate. New Jersey is much colder than Miami, so you should prepare some warmer clothing. So, take a careful look through your belongings and declutter. Once you know what you’re bringing, it’s time to start packing. Of course, if you don’t have time to do the packing yourself, you can always hire professional packers to do it for you. Also, a major benefit of decluttering is that you will have less to bring, therefore cutting down your moving costs.

family packing for relocation to New Jersey
Packing is the lengthiest part of any move, so decluttering and starting to pack early is vital.

5 weeks before the move – get rid of the excess items

Once you know what you won’t be bringing with you, it’s time to get rid of everything you won’t bring. There are multiple ways to go about it. Donating your excess items is always a good idea, as you can write-off the donation when filing taxes. Just be sure to ask for a receipt. Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale and sell off your unwanted items. This is a great way to make some extra money to go towards your moving costs. You will also be reducing your moving costs by making sure you have less items to bring. It should be noted that experts from Teddy Moving and Storage note that an aggressive declutter is always a good idea when moving long-distance. This is also a good time to get your car serviced in order to make sure it can make the journey to your new home.

4 week before the move – decide on your movers

Realistically, you should start this process the same time as you start decluttering. Finding reliable and experienced movers can take a lot of time, so starting the search early is a good idea. We always recommend contacting at least 3 different moving companies at a time, in order to compare prices. Also, always be sure to look at all of their reviews online in order to choose a reliable moving agency. Additionally, you should only take a moving cost estimate seriously if they do an in-home inspection. If they do it over a phone call, chances are the estimate will be way off and you might have to pay much more. Once you know which movers you will be hiring, 4 weeks before the move itself is a good time to seal the deal. Although, if you can’t find available movers, you might have to push the move further back.

Man holding chair
Experienced and reliable movers are an essential part of any move, and are even more important for a long-distance move.

3 weeks before the move – organize essentials and change address

When preparing a relocation to New Jersey, it’s essential not to forget to sort out the essentials. 3 weeks before the move is the time to contact your electricity and water providers to cancel the services in your old home. Then, find providers for your new home and make sure the essentials are up and running by the time you move in. Also, contact your bank and post office and inform them of the change of address. This way, you mail will get forwarded to your new home by the time you move in. If you still haven’t found your movers, then at this point you should also focus on getting that done. We should also note that we recommend hiring local movers to get you to your new home. Skilled people can jump in to make sure nothing goes wrong, and because they know the are you are moving to they can ensure you belongings arrive on time.

2 – 1 weeks before the move – wrap up packing

Realistically, up until now you will only have packed non essential belongings. Things such as furniture and decorations and so on. The final two weeks before the move are the time to start packing your essentials. Clothes, day to day supplies and important documentation. Additionally, we always recommend  putting together a box or two of over-night essentials, in case something goes wrong during the move and you have to stay a night in a hotel, or even your car. Snacks, water, medication, spare clothes and whatever else you would need. Pack all of this into a box and keep it in your car just in case. Also, it is time to start reading on what you should do immediately after moving in. Planning is important before the move, but it’s equally important to know what to do after you move in.

people holding cardboard boxes
Packing your essentials last is understandable, but make sure you have them ready in time for the move.

How much time you’ll need to prepare for relocation to New Jersey – wrap up

Planning a long-distance move is no small task. A lot goes into it, and you need to make sure you don’t make mistakes along the way. Getting the timeline right, however, should make the process much easier. We hope you found this guide to how much time you’ll need to prepare for relocation to New Jersey helpful, and we wish you luck with you move.

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