How to move from Miami to LA without losing your mind

We are here to help you to move from Miami to LA a bit easier. Relocations can be so hectic, especially if you have kids or a big family. The more people the messier it gets. But that’s only if you don’t find appropriate help. If you have enough time to prepare and find adequate help you will be able to relocate without any additional stress and maybe even hassle-free. We are here to show you how. So, relax and we can get started with our preparations because they are the key to keeping your mind clear.

Preparing for your move from Miami to LA

Miami and LA have similar weather and you are moving to another city with the most amazing beaches. This is good for you since you are already equipped for that lifestyle. So, at least you don’t have to think about this part you already have what you need. But is there a chance you have a bit too much stuff? This is a common occurrence. People forget to throw things out and declutter and now is the perfect time to do so. Declutter your soon-to-be old Miami home and get rid of everything you no longer need. Ask friends and family members to help you. There is no reason to do everything on your own – you should find a way to simplify a move. This step will make packing and unpacking later on much easier so if you have the time don’t skip it.

A person folding clothes before packing for a move from Miami to LA
Decluttering is the best way to prepare for packing and moving.

Your phone can be of great help

Our smartphones are extremely helpful nowadays. Just think about it. It can do everything a computer can but it’s more convenient. The first thing you should do is get it out of your pocket and research LA as much as possible. You can even use it to go on a virtual house hunt. Apps like Zillow can make that possible. Apps can also help you with your upcoming move. There are moving and packing apps available nowadays that will make everything easier. They are full of useful tips and tricks and of course, they can help you with organization and logistics. Also, they have reminders and such so make sure to download some and the best of all is that some of them can help you to find reliable movers like are.
Most of the apps are free to use which is a piece of good news – you will be getting free help. There are even apps that can help you to relax if this relocation is making you feel overwhelmed.

A person holding a phone
Use all the advantages of your phone.

Packing hacks

  • after decluttering you can sell items that are usable and earn money to buy packing material or cover part of your moving expenses
  • walk around your house and think about packing, all things should be packed by room – that way it will be easier to unpack later on
  • go shopping for packing material but first take a look around your house maybe you already have some
  • think about using rental plastic bins instead of buying moving boxes – they are much better for the environment and LA is all about recycling these days
  • if you see that you have way too much stuff for your new LA home, consider a place for your possessions – finding storage in LA can be a great way to deal with this problem
  • start packing from the smallest and the most fragile items, they need to be extra safe so they get in one piece to your new home
  • find a system for labeling boxes
  • if you think that you cant handle packing without losing your mind hire professional movers to help you with this task.

Hiring professional movers to get a hassle-free move from Miami to LA

This is the only way to get a stress-free and hassle-free relocation. Hiring professional movers will keep you sane during the hectic days around the moving day and on moving they. They will also spare your back since you won’t be the one doing all the heavy lifting. There are so many movers can do to help you with this big transition. Just make sure to check out their website and see all the additional services they are offering. Some of those can be real life-savers. Yes, it will cost you more if you hire them but it will make everything better and easier and chances are you will have a good moving experience. Hiring movers will make your relocation a piece of cake.

packing for a move from Miami to LA
Packing and planning can be a job for movers and you can relax.

Settling in LA

This is the last hard thing you will have to do revolving around your relocation from Miami to LA. You will need to unpack and settle in. Unpacking won’t be so hard if you took your time and packed right using the help from the tips we shared and of course the ones the moving app will show you. Just make sure that you unpack as soon as possible. You can’t do anything really until all those ugly moving boxes are out of your way and you won’t feel at home until that is done. You can find local LA movers to help you with unpacking and settling in of course. This is the quick way to do it. They can do everything for you and you can relax after a tiring relocation. It’s a win-win combination. After you are done with unpacking you should go out meet your new neighbors and start exploring everything LA has to offer you (and it’s a lot). There is so much to see and explore in this magnificent city so hurry up and unpack.

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