How to choose art for your new Miami home

Picking artwork for your home can be intimidating. After all, you are not an artist or a curator and you can’t know everything about the size or color that will fit your space. However, buying artwork is intuitive and it can be simple if you follow simple rules. With some sound advice on how to choose art for your new Miami home, you can do it easily and with confidence.

How to start

There is no certain answer to the question of how to choose art and artwork. Art will be defined by the taste and the sense of style of the owner. It will express his personality and enrich the space. But at the same time, there are certain rules to follow to make sure you make the right choices when you choose art for your new Miami home and select the right artwork for your space. However, be certain that buying art is an investment. It can also be brought with you when you move so you don’t have to give it up. Many movers like Miami Movers for Less will take extra care to protect your artwork while moving. In addition, it will grow its value over time. So, do not fear about your choices but try to make informed decisions when buying artwork.

Bedroom with a painting hanging above bed, an effect you can get if you choose art for your new Miami home properly.
Every room in the house is suitable for art. Try to find the pieces that will complement the space.

Buying artwork

When buying art you should consider the space that you are trying to fill first. When you are moving, the artwork you have might not fit so pack it up and put it in storage until you can make it work. It is probably best to try choosing artwork room by room ultimately trying to tie it all together.  Artwork today has a place in every corner of your home so start gathering artwork for:

  • The kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Office /Home office
  • Bathroom
  • Living room

The kitchen

Many don’t see the kitchen as a place for artwork but it can’t be further from the truth. If you think about it, the kitchen is the place you spend most of your time and it can be viewed as the heart of the house. This means that it deserves a proper artistic touch. Countertops or the walls above them are perfect for small pieces of art. Small pieces will not burden the space but fulfill it and compliment it. The artwork has to be light and positive to help us in the morning and make waking up easier. So, do not forget the kitchen when you choose art for your new Miami home.

The bedroom

A bedroom is a safe place we all enjoy. It is our safe haven and the art should reflect that feeling. The best places for art in the bedroom is above the bed and opposite of it. The frames should be minimal or even not used. Large scale paintings with abstract soothing colors are preferred. The artwork here has to provide a safe, relaxing, and soothing atmosphere.

An art gallery.
Research art and art galleries to find art that suits you and get a good deal from the artist


Decorating your office or home office is not that difficult. This is the space that has to be versatile, inspiring, and thought-provoking. This is the space that you have to personalize and put it to serve its purpose. The artwork here should be versatile. You have to be able to easily change the artwork in your office. So, install a floating shelf or a picture ledge for your art. Use a set of canvases of frames of different sizes that contain some inspiring art. Try mixing things up from time to time with no hassle and stress-free. Consider putting some pieces in storage for safekeeping when you change things up. In accordance with your taste, you can try using minimalist frames for simplicity or try giving the room some character by using different frames. 


The bathroom always gets neglected when it comes to artwork and art placement. Do not make that mistake when you choose art for your new Miami home. The artwork can set the vibe and complement the design of the bathroom. Pieces for the bathroom usually go in pairs, stacked or side by side. It is advisable to use abstract pieces. They are usually hung over the toilet or the bathtub or even over the towel rack. The master bathroom should have serene and calming artwork while the powder room should have some fun pieces.

Living room

The most complex and intimidating room to decorate with art pieces is the living room. It is a place where visitors will come in contact with our sense of style and art. This means that you have to be smart but it can be fun to do. You can use one large piece of art or go with a gallery wall. The art in the living room will certainly be a conversation piece so be smart about it. You don’t even have to go with paintings or photographs. Try a stylized 3D replica or representation of artwork that will give the room a different feel.

So, how to choose art for your new Miami home?

Buying art can be an adventure. A piece of good advice is to do some research. Investigate and find artwork that might suit your needs and style. Also, consider the North Miami lifestyle and artwork. Research the artists and get to know them so you can seek and find their artwork. Visit galleries often and get informed. Do not always fear that artwork will be too expensive for you. You may offer the artist a trade or agree to pay them in installments. You can also research a secondary market and get help from your art savvy friends. Visit auctions and see what you can buy. This will make art accessible to you if you have a tight budget. Also, consider buying paper art and prints that are considerably less expensive.

If you consider that buying art can be an investment, then consider researching emerging artists. Get in touch with what is happening in the art circles. Get to know the newcomers that are starting to make the name for themselves. This will give you the opportunity to buy pieces at a very reasonable price. You never know, but you might become the owner of a valuable piece of art in the future.

An artist painting.
Find new and upcoming artists and invest in their art before they get famous.

Buying art for your Miami or any other home does not have to be expensive or frightening. It will, however, enrich your living space and fulfill your life. In the long run, it can even be a good investment. So, immerse yourself in the world of art and try to find art pieces that suit you. This will solve the riddle of how to choose art and it will ultimately make art a welcome and joyful addition to your home. 

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