How to pack breakables for storage?

If you want to learn how to pack breakables for storage, you’ve come to the right place. Like many things in life, success comes with preparation. Packing breakables for storage demands attention to detail and a commitment to packing every item with care. You can’t just throw things in a box on the day that you’re moving them into storage. So, if you want to know how to pack breakables for storage, follow these steps.

Invest in high-quality packing equipment

When moving to North Miami or any other place, make sure you don’t save money on moving boxes or packing materials. Using an old box or a newspaper when packing breakables may seem like an excellent money saver. But, if you want to keep your items safe, you should invest in the right packing equipment.

Make sure you have the obvious things like scissors and packing tape. But, also have a superior quality, double-corrugated boxes and plenty of bubble or packing material.

How to pack breakables for storage? – Make a strong base in every box

When it comes to learning how to pack breakables for storage, a very important aspect is securing a solid foundation. Achieve this by creating a sturdy base in your box. Line the bottom of the cardboard box with packing paper. This soft, cushioned base on which will breakables rest, will protect them from bumps and jostles.

Moving box Empty - How to pack breakables for storage?
So, how to pack breakables for storage? Well, start by creating a sturdy base in your box.

Wrap every breakable item individually in bubble material

The next step is wrapping breakables in individually in bubble material. Don’t wrap multiple items at the same time because they can rub together and damage or break. Also, provide thicker wrapping for any thin areas of your items.

Carefully fill boxes

Packing is a fine art. But knowing how to pack breakables for storage is an even finer art. Throwing items into a box isn’t packing. Yet placing them carefully and purposefully is. 

When packing boxes make sure you:

  • Place the heaviest things at the bottom.
  • Use sections of cardboard to divide your boxes. This will provide extra protection.
  • Fill your box. Empty space allows movement and that increases the chance of breakage.

How to pack breakables for storage? – Label 

You can’t put all that effort into packing breakables safely if you forget which boxes they are in. So, label every box and indicate exactly what it contains. Then, every box that contains delicate items should have the mark ‘fragile’ on every side.

Marker Pen
Use the marker to label every box.

Ensure your movers know which boxes contain breakables

If you’ve relocating into one of the best cities for singles in Florida with the help of movers, make sure they’re aware of which boxes need to be handled with care. So, when your moving company arrives, make sure you show them those boxes.

How to pack breakables for storage?  – In conclusion

In case you’ve left packing breakables for storage to the last minute, or you don’t have enough time to devote the attention packing delicate items deserves, don’t be afraid to call in a professional company. They can pack them properly prior to moving into storage.

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