Moving to Florida amid covid-19 outbreak

For a long time, Florida was one of the most popular moving destinations worldwide. However, the recent global pandemic situation is rendering all top lists obsolete. Lately, we are experiencing a very difficult time because the virus is placing a hold on some of our most fundamental needs. The ability to move, which we nurture from our ancient nomadic times, is among those needs. However, if something is difficult it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Moving to Florida amid the COVID-19 outbreak is still possible, but you are going to have to take extreme precautions.

How to approach moving to Florida amid the COVID-19 outbreak?

One of the biggest dilemmas during the epidemic is if the move is ethically appealing and justified. The global trend is, with full right to do so, advocating social distancing. But it leaves us wondering about the people who already scheduled their arrangements before the outbreak occurred. So, let’s take a “social distance” from these grim and misfortunate thoughts, and clarify a couple of things:

  1. Moving companies are deemed essential businesses so you can proceed with your plans in most cases.
  2. It is a suggestion to postpone your moving process, if possible, for the sake of safety.
  3. The rules and regulations are changing rapidly, so it’s best to follow the various sources for any ongoing changes.

So, how does moving to Florida amid the COVID-19 outbreak works? WHO, CDC, and AMSA are all giving instructions about how to keep yourself and others safe if your move is inevitable. While moving to any part of Florida is much safer with the right help, there are many additional conditions you’ll have to fulfill yourself.

Blue heron bird standing in a lake in Florida.
There is always someone planning to move to this paradise.

Follow the general rules whether you are moving or not

In order to stay healthy, you should accept, if not already, a couple of general rules:

  • Pay close attention to the hygiene of your hands
  • Restrain yourself from touching any part of your face without previously washing your hands
  • Avoid physical contact with people and keep the distance
  • Wear a mask if you are near other people
  • Always bring alcohol-based cleaners with you
  • Call your doctor immediately if you are feeling any symptoms
  • Don’t travel unless you have to
  • Seek additional advice if you belong to the vulnerable group
  • Try to be physically active even if you are in isolation

Hire professional movers for your Florida moving

If you were reading carefully the rules above, you will clearly see why the moving company is, at the moment, your best choice. When moving to Florida, companies like Vision Movers FL can be of tremendous help. Not only they have more than necessary experience, but they also know all the local regulations. And they are always following the latest situation in the country and on the market. In case of any changes, they can quickly inform you about what is going on, and give you advice about how to proceed.

Start making plans

There is an executive order for those coming to Florida from areas of concern, like the New York area. It requires a mandatory 14 days of self-isolation. So, if you are already making plans about relocating with ease to the Sunshine State, you will still have to comply with 14-day quarantine if coming from sensitive areas. However, it’s nothing too drastic and if you are already preparing for it, the time will pass fast. Families with kids should check with the schools but at this moment they are practicing remote learning through May 1. On the bright side, the gas prices are dropping because of reduced demand.

A man reading some papers carefully on the street.
Carefully follow any update if you are going to make valid plans.

Consult with your movers if anyone is sick

While trying to avoid ordinary moving mistakes, you should not forget to let your movers know in advance if anyone in your household is sick. It doesn’t have to be coronavirus since the measures would be different. But even the slightest cold can compromise your immune system. And, in the same manner, endanger the same people who are coming to help you. This will generally give them the upper hand to better prepare and to implement any additional protection protocols if necessary. This is especially important if you are in isolation already.

Don’t make calculations about packing materials

Simply put, you are fighting the invisible adversary, so you will need the appropriate weapons. Don’t try to save money on packing materials. At least, not in the pandemic situation. The old boxes and worn out supplies can be a perfect growing environment for various unhealthy things. Not to mention that you never know where are those free supermarket boxes coming from. We are still getting to know our enemy and viruses are though to beat. So your best choice is to use sturdy boxes, and eventually new supplies, which you can clean before the use. Also, don’t hesitate to get rid of everything you don’t need. Especially if you are moving into a smaller home.

Provide enough hygiene products for yourself and your movers

First of all, you should try your best to completely sanitize everything. From moving boxes to the floors in your household, every single surface should be clean. Talk with your mover and see if they are doing the same. Although this virus does not spread by air, it does spread by the droplets we release as we cough and talk. In the case of a sick person, the entire home could be infected in a matter of hours. Even minutes. So, the soap, hot water, sink, and cleaning products are your best friends. Additionally, you should provide similar things to your movers, as long as it’s not disrupting your other family members.

Someone is washing hands with soap.
Handwashing is just a small part of the entire cleaning process.

On the bright side, even though moving to Florida amid the COVID-19 outbreak seems difficult for the time being, it opens up some other doors. You will still get to enjoy everything Florida has to offer after the pandemic is gone. In the meantime, spend some quality time with your family. It’s not much, considering restrictions, but you can always be creative.

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