How to properly prepare your carpets for moving

If you are not sure how to properly prepare your carpets and pack them for your upcoming relocation – you are in the right place. You’ll be leaving the wall-to-wall carpeting behind, but you’ll be taking your smaller carpets with you. When relocating, how do you recommend wrapping the rugs? Learn what to do and what not to do while packing carpets before the movers come.

Cleaning is the first step

Moving may be a disaster if food crumbs, grease, dust, and other particles become trapped in the boxes. It doesn’t matter how neatly you roll up your area rugs, if your floors are dirty, you may end yourself bringing unwanted guests to your new place. It’s important to consider the rug’s size, the type of fibers or materials it’s made of, the level of filth and debris embedded in it, any stains it may have, and the manufacturer’s instructions before deciding on a cleaning method. Rugs that are really valuable or fragile, such as antiques or antique Persian rugs, may need to be cleaned by a professional. Before you try to clean your rug yourself, talk to a professional rug cleaner or specialist.

Cleaning the carpet.
Your first step is cleaning.

Stop, drop, and roll

Don’t bother folding that square or rectangle rug you have. The carpet may be permanently creased from your folding efforts now, rendering it useless even after the transfer. Before rolling the rug, ensure sure it is completely dry. Hold the rug tightly once you’ve rolled it. Don’t use tape to keep the rug in place. Instead, use rope or fabric strips. Adhesive residue from duct tape as well as packing tape can be difficult to remove. Write this down on your checklist.

Wrapping the carpets

You dont need to use plastic. Plastic may seem like a good idea to shield your valuable carpets from the weather, dirt, and other potential moving-day hazards, but it also has the potential to retain moisture within. If you plan on storing your carpet after the relocation, this could lead to the formation of mold or mildew. Use plain newspaper, an old quilt, or a bedsheet in place of plastic wrap. Securely encase the rug in a sheet, newspaper, or additional padding. Once again, the best way to secure your rug in place is with rope or fabric strips.

Dog sleeping while you have to prepare your carpets for moving.
Besides carpet movers can also help you with your pet.

Movers can also help you

Movers can do a lot for you now that you have a relocation in front of you. They can remove unwanted items like junk from your attic, pack all your household items, and make sure that your rugs arrive safely. That’s why you should research the best local movers and see what works for you best.

A word of advice

A word of advice – all movers nowadays claim that they are the best. That’s why reading the reviews is a must. Obviously, they can’t all be the best and you need reliable ones. You are in for some investigation. If you find a good moving company they can also prepare your carpets for this relocation instead of you.

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