Moving from Miami to Memphis on a budget 101

To an already stressful situation, moving from Miami to Memphis on a tight budget is almost guaranteed to bring more strain. A home move on a budget may quickly become a frustrating struggle as you try to squeeze as much as possible out of your money. It’s becoming increasingly clear that relocating is a costly endeavor. That can be a concern for people who are doing it on a tight budget. Nonetheless, movers have always been innovative in finding new ways to save money. Thanks to this, they were able to get out on the cheap, and their home-seeking trips were finally fruitful. If you start preparing on time, you can in fact save quite a lot of money. Time is actually the key to cheaper relocation. You will soon see it yourself.

Do you really need to bring everything?

Moving on a tight budget is challenging since it requires ongoing effort to find savings on every part of the move, which can be draining and stressful in its own right. Here’s a simple technique to cut costs even further when relocating locally or long distance. The premise of this advice is straightforward: minimize relocation expenses by being selective about what you decide to bring with you. Why? The overall weight of the packages is a big factor influencing the moving cost, thus the more stuff you have to move, the more money you’ll need to pay for the expenses of transportation. Look at each object and see if you need to pack it up and relocate it. Don’t waste money and space maintaining a cluttered home.

Various clothing items on hangers.
Chances are you have too much stuff.

Sell something

As we’ve seen, the key to a low-cost relocation is to employ low-cost movers and then move as little as possible. Taking stock of your possessions and getting rid of unnecessary items is an essential part of any effort to move on a budget. Relocating from Miami to Memphis is an opportunity to both save and make money. You know all those things you considered packing but ultimately opted not to? Sell some of your stuff today to help a relocating family stretch their limited funds.

Get ready to have a yard sale with all the heavy and large objects, including furniture, that you’ll be leaving behind. You can sell your old stuff on the internet, but keep in mind that it may take a while for the deal to go through. Now, let’s see some packing tips.

clothes for sale
This can be fun!

Leave transportation for movers and pack on your own

Employing a full-service moving firm, which includes packing as well as unpacking as part of the full package fee, is the priciest option for moving. While you might be able to get a better rate elsewhere, it’s clear that, if you’re on a tight budget for your relocation, hiring professional packers isn’t the best option.

If you want to save money when moving, you should pack your own belongings unless you’ve got a lot of unusual items that require specialized packing services or if you just don’t have the time to do so. Do you need to hire removalists to pack your belongings, including your books, shoes, outfits, and treasured collection of lego sets?

Think about how your decisions will affect your finances and your belongings. While books can be safely packed by the average person, the old clock your grandma left you is best left in the hands of experts. Obviously, you will need reliable movers like to handle the transportation.

Free moving boxes

You can save a lot of money by packing your own things instead of hiring movers to do it. You’ll have more freedom and be able to spend less. Find free moving boxes to pack with to further cut down on expenses. You could inquire among your social circle to see if anyone is willing to part with any boxes they no longer require. A good way to find free cardboard boxes is to visit the major establishments in your neighborhood. When you help local businesses recycle their cardboard scraps at the end of the day, you’re doing your part to reduce waste.

A person putting cardboard boxes into a car before moving from Miami to Memphis
Moving from Miami to Memphis will be much cheaper if you don’t have to buy all the boxes and supplies.

Packing supplies

Although it may seem unnecessary at first, this is a way to save money on your upcoming move: pack your own boxes. Include this in your packing checklist. Now that you know that using free boxes can save you a lot of money, you may decide to save even more money by not purchasing any extra packing materials. You would be amazed at just how many packing supplies you already possess. Have a peek at the world. Your home surely already contains a variety of useful containers, including luggage, travel bags, suitcases, grocery bags, and even tote bags, and rubbish bags (yes, you read that correctly). Try to put some of them to use when getting ready to leave and packing your belongings for a move.

In addition, everyday items like towels, sheets, socks, and underwear can be used as wonderful wrapping materials and padding. Obviously, newspapers are great for stuffing empty areas in moving boxes. Nevertheless, you should avoid placing newspapers on delicate surfaces. This could result in ugly ink stains.

One more thing

If possible you should plan your specific move-out date in advance. If you are able to be flexible with your move-out date, you can save a lot of money on the process. Also if you hire local movers to unpack your belongings quickly in advance chances are you will get a better price.

Since the moving industry is busiest in the hotter seasons of the year, prices tend to rise during those months as opposed to the slower seasons (winter, late fall, and early spring). As an added cost, professional movers typically increase their rates at the beginning and last weeks of each month, as well as on the weekends. Moving costs are often higher on the first and last of each month, as well as during any holidays.

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